WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Cornered on “Red Flags” At Bar, Wife Tries to Take Phone and Delete Video

Houston, Texas — At one of Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s events called “Ask Me Anything”, he was a approached by a voter and asked about “Red Flag” gun seizure legislation he’s been supporting publicly.

You can see the video below.

There is an additional video down below where the man who asked Crenshaw the questions about “Red Flags” explain that Crenshaw’s wife, Tara Blake, tried to take his phone from him and delete the video you are about to watch.

Second Amendment Daily has written about Dan Crenshaw’s support for “Red Flags” here and here.

Crenshaw has taken major heat in recent weeks from grassroots gun owners across the country due to his support for “Red Flags.”

What’s made matters worse is that Crenshaw continues doubling down over and over again instead of admitting that “Red Flags” are a violation of due process (among other violations).

Crenshaw’s higher office political ambitions are under major threat, seeing that millions of gun owners who he would need to support him now have serious questions about his loyalty to them, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution he has sworn many times to uphold and defend.

Here’s the first video:

As you can see in the video, time and time again Dan Crenshaw defends his support for “Red Flags” gun seizure laws.

Despite gun owners and Second Amendment advocates knowing there can be no “Red Flag” law that protects due process and Second Amendment rights, Crenshaw continues forging ahead.

The following video features the man who asked Crenshaw the question at “Ask Me Anything” explaining that Crenshaw’s wife tried to take his phone from him and delete the video you just watched.

While we continue digging around for video of Crenshaw’s wife trying to take the phone and delete the video, there is no doubt Ms. Blake has been active on social media defending her husband and his support of “Red Flag” gun seizures.

While we expect her to stand up for him and support him, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the “Red Flags” he supports violate our Constitutional rights.

The more Rep. Crenshaw digs in the worse this is going to get for him.

Gun owners have long memories.

As long as he continues digging in, we will too, letting gun owners know each and every time he defends his support for “Red Flags.”