WATCH: Iraq War Veteran Blasts Rep. Dan Crenshaw for Turning on Gun Owners!

Boise, Idaho — Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders continue to be a hot topic on Capitol hill as Congressional Republicans and Democrats plot the demise of your gun rights.

Even President Trump has thrown his support behind the concept of “taking the guns first and due process later.”

Republican traitors Lindsey Graham (SC) and Marco Rubio (FL) have already been working overtime with gun grabbers in the Democrat party on Red Flag laws. Their aim is to use your tax dollars to bribe state legislators to adopt them.

To make matters worse, other so-called conservatives have also betrayed gun owners.

This betrayal by Rep. Crenshaw came as a shock to many gun owners who expected better from a Navy Seal Veteran.

To make matters worse, Rep. Crenshaw didn’t apologize for his betrayal.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President, Greg Pruett, a U.S. Army Veteran himself, blasted Rep. Crenshaw in an online rebuke of the Navy Seal.

Greg took apart Rep. Crenshaw’s Instagram video piece by piece, and explained how Rep. Crenshaw is trying to play both sides of the debate.

Instead of apologizing for supporting Red Flags, Crenshaw doubled down on his defense of “good” Red Flag laws and blamed gun owners for overreacting to his support of them.

To be clear, there is no version of Red Flag laws that are “good” or Constitutional, and no phony protections put in place by Republicans will justify them.

In less than one-year Rep. Crenshaw has managed to learn how the swamp works. Instead of fighting against it, he is jumping in head first. Rather than taking responsibility for a poor position, he released an Instagram video where he blamed you for his treachery.

Is Rep. Crenshaw really John McCain incarnate? His recent actions make you wonder.

Gun owners however were not going to sit around and let him off the hook.

“Crenshaw wants people to think he doesn’t support Red Flag laws because he used the word ‘maybe’ in his Tweet,” Greg said.

Greg continued, “It is clear however from Rep. Crenshaw’s follow-up Instagram video that he supports Red Flag laws. He just wants it to be a Republican version of gun confiscation and not a Democrat version. Gun owners aren’t buying it and as a Veteran myself, it is sad to see a Navy Seal betray their oath in this fashion.”

As Congress prepares to enter the Fall session, it’s important that gun owners make sure their voices are heard on this issue.

In the video Greg reminds people to go to to sign the petition to President Trump to veto any Red Flag law that arrives on his desk.

Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders will be detrimental to the U.S. Constitution. Gun owners must remain vigilant in their opposition to them.