Red Flag Failure: Police Take Guns From Illinois Man, Kills Mother With Samurai Sword

Park Ridge, IL — A man in a Chicago suburb was arrested by local police after killing his own mother by stabbing her repeatedly with a samurai sword in the chest.

Park Ridge Police had removed David Krystyniak’s firearms two times, with the last time being July 14th, 2019.

The man was mentally ill and had a long history with social workers and police for erratic behavior in the past.

David Krystyniak, 47, was arrested on July 29 after a police officer and social worker driving by his home saw groceries strewn on the driveway.

They approached his door and asked if they could come in — Krystyniak agreed.

They walked into the home and found the body of his mother, Judith Krystyniak, in a trash can in the living room.

Police said that she had been stabbed multiple times in the chest with a sword before her body was placed in the trash can.

Back on July 14th, police were visiting his home after David reported his mother seemed to be having a heart attack.

When police ascertained it was only an issue with her medication, they used the opportunity to bring up some guns they had confiscated back in 2017.

David offered up that he had replaced them by making homemade guns with parts he had ordered off the internet.

He then voluntarily surrendered a homemade AR-15 and a homemade Glock 22 to the police.

Both guns were later found to be inoperable, though police did not report on why.

Police reports indicated that the four guns were confiscated in 2017 and again in July of this year because David Krystyniak didn’t have a valid FOID card.

Now, not even two weeks after being disarmed by police, this mentally unwell man just found another weapon.

His mother wasn’t safe just because his guns were taken away.

People who are a threat to themselves or others won’t be stopped by Red Flags.

The abuses of Red Flag laws aside, they simply don’t accomplish what proponents claim they will.

If somebody is determined to hurt themselves or somebody else, they will just steal somebody else’s gun or find an alternative weapon to use.

Last week we told you about a woman beaten to death by a delivery man by a wooden mallet.

But the left likes the idea of Red Flags because it gives them a sense of security.

After all, if we take all the guns away from the bad guys, we’ll be safe, right?

You have to wonder if Judith Krystyniak felt safer after her son’s guns were taken away on July 14th?

Red Flag laws offer a false sense of security—as poor Judith learned in the most terrible way imaginable.