Kevin McCarthy Hosts Fundraiser for Anti-Gun RINO

Washington, DC — More than two months into the new Republican majority, and Kevin McCarthy has not brought one piece of pro-gun legislation to the floor for a vote.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise because as Majority Leader in 2017-2018, McCarthy actively promoted the unconstitutional “Bump Stock” ban and voted for Dianne Feinstein’s “FIX NICS” bill.

But things have gotten even worse recently with McCarthy.

Two weeks from now, March 29, McCarthy has scheduled a MASSIVE lobbyist fundraiser in DC for the most anti-gun Congressman in Washington, Pennsylvania RINO Brian Fitzpatrick.

Scroll below to read about his anti-gun voting record!

But first, send a pre-written email into McCarthy’s office and tell him to stand up for our Second Amendment rights, not RINO anti-gunners like Brian Fitzpatrick!

Fitzpatrick’s anti-gun Second Amendment record is one of the worst we’ve ever seen!

>>> Fitzpatrick voted for Nancy Pelosi’s “assault weapons ban” (H.R. 1808)

>>> Fitzpatrick voted for Biden’s “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” state funding bill (S. 2938)

>>> Fitzpatrick voted for a federal “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” law (H.R. 2377)

>>> Fitzpatrick was lead sponsor of a ban on sale of semi-auto rifles to people under 21 (H.R. 5090)

>>> Fitzpatrick was lead sponsor of adding “bump stocks” to the NFA list (H.R. 4168)

Last month, Fitzpatrick introduced H.R. 715, National Gun Registration, with 181 Democrats!

He’s the lead sponsor of the bill.

The ONLY Republican.

Why on earth is Kevin McCarthy raising millions of dollars for a RINO who has a proven record of HATING our Second Amendment rights?

You see, this is how the Swamp works.

DC lifers like Kevin McCarthy protect their own while outright ignoring virtually anything to do with your gun rights.

Take action today — send a pre-written email into McCarthy’s office.


Anti-gun Republicans were the only reason Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer were able to ram home gun control last summer.

More than two dozen Republicans between the House and the Senate voted for gun control.

Kevin McCarthy protecting Congress’ most anti-gun member, Brian Fitzpatrick, and rewarding him with a massive DC fundraiser while totally ignoring your Second Amendment rights, is simply unacceptable.

Send McCarthy an email now.

We’re not content to sit here for two years of a Republican Congress and watch them do nothing for our Second Amendment rights.

It’s past time to go on offense.

Kevin McCarthy needs to hear from you.

  • Reprinted with the permission of the American Firearms Association