New Poll Finds That 59% Of Republicans Oppose New Gun Control Legislation — Up From Only 46% In 2019

We’ve said it before: 2020 brought some great changes to our country.  Don’t mistake us, most of these changes don’t bode well for our country — and especially for the freedoms of our children and grandchildren — but 2020 does deserve some credit, if only for waking up millions of Americans.

Watching tyrant governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo, California’s Gavin Newsom, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, Ohio’s Republican Mike DeWine, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf and many others trample all over the rights of their citizens was eye opening.

We don’t even have to mention the election or the weeks following it.  Suffice to say that millions of Americans who had been content to ignore politics aren’t anymore.

Case in point: a recent poll from Morning Consult reveals that 59% of Republicans are opposed to new gun control measures.  Back in 2019, that number was only 46%.

The study also found that of those who stated they opposed gun control in the poll,  37 percent said they “strongly oppose” the efforts.  This is a staggering increase from the 13 percent who said the same in August of 2019.

“The new poll also shows that Americans are increasingly prioritizing Second Amendment rights over limits to gun ownership,” Morning Consult reported.

Morning Consult continued:

A 48 percent plurality of voters now say protecting the rights of Americans to own guns is more important than limiting gun ownership, up 5 points from the poll conducted after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, while the share who prioritize limiting gun ownership dropped from 47 percent to 43 percent during the same time.

The trendlines suggest an uphill climb for those seeking overhauls to gun laws in the United States, despite backing from nearly 7 in 10 registered voters overall. While the prospect of a compromise on Capitol Hill isn’t necessarily unfathomable, congressional Republicans tend to govern and message with an eye on their right flank, and backing a bill that is much more likely to be strongly opposed by GOP voters than it is to be strongly supported could make conservatives susceptible to a primary challenge.

The survey was taken from March 26-29 and included 2,043 registered voter.  The survey had a two-point margin of error.  It’s worth noting that this poll was done after the massage parlor shootings in Georgia and the rampage of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa at the King Soopers grocery store in Boudler, Co.

This Is A Trend We Can Get Behind

Typically, support for gun control ticks upwards after tragedies involving violent criminals and guns.  But if we could hazard a guess, we’d bet that millions of Americans have realized that the actions of a tyrannical, overreaching government poses far more of a threat to their way of life and their family’s safety than a random mass shooter.

If nothing else, the radicals who are in charge of our government might decide on a whim to sign an executive order abolishing all the police in the country !  Far fetched and unlikely?  Sure.

But with the radicals working behind the scenes in the Swamp these days — the kind who praise rioting looters but are trying to make criminals out of millions of law-abiding citizens with new gun control laws — it feels like there is no anchor to reality remaining.

There is almost a tangible sense of chaos in the air in many of America’s big cities.

Perhaps that feeling of instability is what caused over 8 million Americans to buy a gun for the first time last year?

Either way, the more Joe Biden and his cadre of radicals in Washington, D.C. try to chisel away our rights, the more Americans are waking up to the threat that the ideas of the left pose to our nation.  And that’s a good thing.