South Carolina: Veteran Used Shotgun Butt To Beat Home Invader To Death After Attacker Slashed His Wife With A Knife

Photo credit: Fox57

Aiken, SC — One man is dead and another is being called a hero after he beat a home invader to death just seconds after the criminal attacked the homeowner’s wife, slashing her in the face with a knife.

Police say that Herbert Parrish, an 82-year-old Vietnam War veteran used his empty shotgun to beat the attacker in the face after the man attacked his 79-year-old wife.

Fox 57 has the story:

A South Carolina armed home invader who attacked a 79-year-old woman near her back door is dead after the victim’s 82-year-old Vietnam War veteran husband beat him down with the butt end of a shotgun earlier this week, according to local authorities.

Herbert Parrish snatched the firearm off a wall mount after the suspect, identified as 61-year-old Harold Runnels, broke into the home with a knife, knocked his wife to the ground and slashed her forehead Monday afternoon, Columbia, S.C.-based FOX 57 reported.

He lived in a nearby mobile home community, according to WJBF-TV, and approached by knocking on the back door and asking if the couple had seen a missing dog.

In an interview with WJBF, Mrs. Parrish said that it was just a typical Monday afternoon when she heard a knock at the door.

“I opened the door and he said he was looking for his little white chihuahua and wanted to know if I saw it. I told him, no, I didn’t,” said Lois Parrish.

That’s when the situation became violent. Lois said as she was closing the door, the man, who has now been identified as 61-year-old Harold Runnels, pushed his way inside. According to a police report, Runnels pulled out a large knife and began attacking Mrs. Parrish.

“I felt, we’re gone. He’s going to kill us and take what he can take,” said Herbert Parrish.

That’s when the Vietnam Veteran decided to fight back.

“He was not going to go out that door and leave us alive. That’s the way I felt. That’s why I said, I’ve got to do something quick and get the edge on him. Get the advantage on him,” said Parrish.

Herbert Parrish was able to act quickly, grabbing hold of a shotgun that was hanging on the wall by the door. Parrish said he then hit the intruder with the handle of the firearm until Runnels was unconscious.

“I started hitting him in the head with the barrel and I know I must have hit him at least ten times right in the face, just as hard as I could hit him,” said Parrish.

Mr. Runnels died of his injuries at the hospital.

The Sheriff Is On Their Side

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Eric Abdullah, a department spokesman, said of the events that residents should call 911 immediately if they believe an intruder is targeting their home.

“Of course, folks have the right to defend themselves if their lives are in danger, but the best thing to do is to call for help,” he told the Aiken Standard. “Every situation is going to be different. It may be a similar crime in nature, but every situation is going to be different. There’s no way to accurately predict exactly what actions that any person should take if somebody is trying to invade their home. The best recourse is to think smartly and get help on the way.”

The couple will not face any charges.

Where Are The Gun-Grabbers, Now?

The radical anti-gun crowd would happily see every American disarmed, pretending that once guns are gone, crime will be gone, too!  But this attacker came with a kitchen knife in hand — and with every intention of attacking this older couple!

What good would gun control have done the Parrish couple? Not one bit!

Police have reported that the couple both sustained injuries but are expected to fully recover.  We’d just like to say to this Vietnam veteran: Mr. Parrish, you’re a damn fine American — and millions of gun owners are proud as hell of what you did to protect yourself and your wife.