New Mexico Bill Would Make It A Crime To Teach Your Child How To Shoot A Gun — We’re Not Kidding!

 (Photo Credit: Austin J. Prisbrey)

Sante Fe, NM — A New Mexico Senator has filed a bill that would criminalize teaching your own children how to shoot a gun.  Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez recently filed Senate Bill 224 (SB.224), which includes a whole slate of new gun control laws for New Mexico’s gun owners.

But in addition to the everyday gun control ideas like ‘safe’ storage laws, Lopez’s bill says that New Mexican parents could be fined $1000 for allowing a child under 12 years old to ‘carry or be in control of’ a firearm. Period.

For children who are 12 and older, the bill stipulates that parents may shoot with their children ONLY after their kids have taken a firearm safety course.

From the bill’s word:

A minor may be an authorized user only if the minor is at least twelve years of age and has successfully completed a firearm safety training course.

What is contained in the firearm safety course?  Who knows!

So you can’t allow your child to touch a gun until they’re 12 years old AND have taken a government gun safety course.

The state of New Mexico already has a law against ‘endangering’ children, so why is this extra legislation necessary?

It’s not.

This is just the tyrannical government assuming ownership and control of gun owners’ children.  Once again, the state pretends that it cares more about saving children than their own parents do — while making it legal for parents to murder their children in utero.

That’s the hypocrisy of the left on full display!

But more than that, the radical left knows if kids don’t have those great memories of learning to shoot with their Grandpa or hunting with their Dad, they’re far less likely to care about owning a gun when they’re older. And if they don’t own guns, they sure won’t fight for their gun rights!

In fact, if they’ve never held one and have no good memories with them, they’ll likely be filled with anti-gun propaganda that makes them afraid of guns.

Instead of loving and cherishing the Second Amendment, laws like this make our younger generation easy prey for radical left anti-gun organizations in their schools and colleges.

New Mexico gun owners, get involved, get organized, and start fighting for your gun rights!