‘Iowa Gun Owners’ Rolls Out Radio, Digital Ads Helping Gun Owners Put Pressure On Legislators To Pass Constitutional Carry!

Des Moines, IA — The political fight for Constitutional Carry in Iowa is just starting to get warmed up — but in a few short days, this fight could be blazing hot in the Hawkeye State!

We reported earlier today that Iowa’s House leadership had passed over Rep. Jeff Shipley’s H.F. 250 — a permitless carry bill — in favor of a bill of their own.  And the political buzz in Des Moines is that this bill will likely move very quickly through the Iowa House and hopefully just as quickly through the Senate.

But one gun rights organization in the state isn’t leaving it up to chance that legislators will honor the wishes of gun owners.  Iowa Gun Owners, the state’s powerhouse of a Second Amendment organization has rolled out an impressive campaign to make sure gun owners are able to be heard loud and clear.

The group rolled out this hard-hitting ad on social media last week:

They’ve run this ad and others on the radio in Iowa, using the state’s largest radio station to alert gun owners as fast as possible!

The calls, emails, and petitions that are going to flood into Des Moines as a result of this effort will be a tidal wave headed right for moderate Republicans.

This is the kind of pressure politicians can’t stand: having hundreds and thousands of angry, informed constituents watching their every move and DEMANDING they vote to ADVANCE our gun rights!