Iowa Congressman Files Gun Control Bills Including Red Flags And Universal Background Checks — Biden In The White House Has Emboldened The Left

Des Moines, IA — It was only a matter of time before some leftist legislator decided to try their luck in passing gun control in Iowa.  After all, the installation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House has served as a shot of adrenaline in the arm of many leftists, emboldening their little anti-gun hearts.

That’s what we think is going on with Iowa Congressman Bruce Hunter, District 34, who recently filed a ‘Universal Firearms Registration’ bill in Des Moines (H.F. 128).

Hunter’s nasty bill was filed on January 21st and it already has several cosponsors.  So far, the list includes thirteen other representatives, including: Olson, Jacoby, Anderson, Wessel-Kroeschell, Kressig, Steckman, Cahill, Wilburn, Staed, Konfrst, James, Mascher and Brown-Powers

Gun owners across American recognize that this sort of legislation would force gun owners into a statewide gun registry, but for Iowans, this bill would leave them facing felony charges if they didn’t comply!

But Hunter didn’t stop there.  He’s also filed a ‘Red Flag gun confiscation’ bill, H.F. 24. These ‘Emergency Risk’ orders can be ‘reported’ by just about anybody who is related to you by blood or marriage!

We sure hope your Mother-In-Law likes you!

Like many other similar bills nationwide, Hunter’s bill says that the gun owner’s ‘trial’ will be Ex Parte — that is, the gun owner doesn’t get to be there or make any defense.  And what will they accept as evidence?

One qualification that is grounds to be Red Flagged on it’s own really stuck out at us:  “The unlawful and reckless use, display, or brandishing of a firearm, offensive weapon, or ammunition by the respondent.”

What in hell does Bruce Hunter consider the ‘reckless use, display or brandishing’ of ammunition looks like?  If it’s sitting on the top of your dresser?  If you have a box of 9mm on a bookshelf?  Maybe you keep it under the bed….is that “unlawful display” of ammunition?

This bill is a NIGHTMARE because it combines a red flag bill WITH a safe storage bill!

Iowans Have A Card Up Their Sleeve

Gun owners in Iowa have a pro-gun powerhouse in their state with the second amendment organization, Iowa Gun Owners.  This grassroots group has a ‘no holds barred’ approach to the political arena and is responsible for passing the state’s Stand Your Ground law back in 2017.

The organization, headed by Executive Director Aaron Dorr, has defeated plenty of gun control bills in the past.  The group specializes in mobilizing their members and supporters to pour heat into the Capitol in the form of thousands of calls, emails, and petitions.

Using the group’s ‘grassroots army’, the organization has staved off any major gun control for over a decade.

When reached for comment, Dorr replied:

“Representative Hunter’s bills are the typical drivel that we expect from liberal Democrats in Iowa who want to disarm and demonize law abiding gun owners for no other reason that political hatred.

We are monitoring this bill closely but are optimistic that it will die this session as the members of Iowa Gun Owners are the state’s most vicious defenders on the Second Amendment, and have an incredible history of booting gun-grabbers to the curb.

Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, the politicians in Des Moines know that screwing around with the Second Amendment is very dangerous for their careers.  #Gronstal #Sodders #Schoenjahn, #Brase, #Wilhelm, #Greenfield, #Scholten, #Finkenauer, #Helland, #Appel”

We looked into the names that Dorr sent us to find they are the names of prominent anti-gun legislators who have been voted out of office in recent years — apparently thanks to efforts by Iowa Gun Owners.

Iowa’s Gun Owners: Get Involved!

If you are an Iowa resident, please fill out the petition provided by Iowa Gun Owners that will go directly to your legislators telling them to vote NO on Bruce Hunter’s State nasty Red Flag gun confiscation bill!