How Convenient! Giffords Law Center Lumps ALL Gun Deaths In As “Gun Violence” — Omits To Mention That Over 60% Of Gun Deaths Are Suicides!

Giffords law center isn’t happy.  Thanks to REAL problems on the American people’s minds in 2020, nobody was paying attention to their bread-and-butter: gun violence.

Instead of admitting that maybe their cash-cow, er…the ‘gun crisis’… wasn’t as big a problem as they’d thought, the group apparently decided that playing with the numbers would have more shock value — and thus keep them in the public eye!

The group recently released their “A-F Score Card” to drum up the old ‘epidemic’ language and keep their narrative spinning.

Bearing Arms reports on some of the dishonesty their ‘report’ contained:

Kansas, for instance, earns an “F” rating, presumably because our gun laws are among the loosest in the nation; open carry has been legal for decades and constitutional carry for several years now, for example.

Giffords points out that Kansas has a “gun death rate” of 13.69 per 100,000 residents, slightly higher than the national average of 11.9.

But that number is misleading, the Giffords Center lumps all deaths into their statistic — to include homicide, suicide and deaths caused by an unintentional discharge.

Oh, well how convenient. Instead of talking about mental health, the effect that the last year of government overreach has had on people’s lives, and the real problems that are leading people to consider suicide….Giffords just counts them and moves right along.

Nothing to see here!

In reality, just over 60% of people who die from a gunshot are suicides.  That’s awful and sad, but it’s not ‘gun violence’ that requires gun control laws.

If it was, the government could simply pass a law banning suicide, right?

A Moral Compass So Broken They Can’t Find The Parking Lot….

But the dishonest Giffords Score Card went further than to ignore this distinction.  They tried to link up the Corona epidemic with a ‘gun violence’ epidemic as though they were all but one and the same!

“There is a sad truth here, which is that even when there’s a new crisis to deal with, like COVID, other life-threatening emergencies don’t just go away,” says Laura Cutilletta, managing director of Giffords Law Center. “In fact, they tend to amplify each other. And that’s what has happened with the COVID epidemic and the gun violence epidemic.”

Right, because those things are equally affecting peoples lives today, right?

Their attempts to blame the government mandated lockdowns for the recent rise in violent crime — which they fail to mention was concentrated in urban areas — is also dishonest.

They just completely ignored the summer of rioting, looting and burning that Black Lives Matter activists engaged in every night for months!

And who needs to mention released tens of thousands of convicted criminals due to concerns about the Corona Scare?  That had nothing to do with it!

Demonizing the police after many police departments had already announced they weren’t going to be responding to certain calls due to Covid risks….that didn’t embolden criminals, at all!

This is a celebrated research organization of the anti-gun crowd?  What a joke!