Gun Controlled Chicago On Deadly Course: 23 Shot, 4 Killed Over The Weekend — Pacing Far Ahead Of 2020 Bloodbath

Chicago, IL — Mayor Lori Lightfoot loves her gun control laws, but if you asked gun owners, she loves those laws more than the law abiding citizens of her city.

That’s the only logical conclusion one can draw after watching the numbers pour in every single day in the Windy City.  This past weekend saw another 23 people shot, 4 fatally.

ABC7 Chicago reports:

The weekend was less violent than the one prior, as a winter storm dumped nearly a foot of snow over the city Saturday and Sunday. Last weekend, 31 people were shot and seven were killed between 5 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday.

One of this weekends shooting homicides included a man who was driving his car on an entrance ramp to the Kennedy Expressway on the Northwest Side.

The man was traveling on the ramp about 8:55 p.m. from Division Street to Interstate 90 when someone fired shots from another vehicle, Illinois State Police said.  The man veered off the road, traveled up an embankment and crashed, state police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Autopsy results released Sunday found he died of multiple gunshot wounds and ruled his death a homicide, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

The man was shot and killed while driving on the expressway!

But that wasn’t the only shooting that took place on the roadway over the weekend.  Another man was driving about midnight in the 8400-block of South Sangamon Street when someone fired shots, Chicago police said.  Police reported that the man was hit in both legs but is expected to survive his injuries.

Don’t You Wish YOUR City Had Chicago Style Gun Control?

The anti-gun left won’t admit it, but their gun control has failed.  Criminals have guns and law abiding citizens are just fish in a barrel — or on a freeway — without the right to defend themselves.

And yet the left tries to pass Chicago’s gun control for the rest of the country!  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both want Universal Background Checks, to ban AR-15s, to tax both guns and magazines and more.

That’s because it’s not about saving lives.  It’s about disarming the citizens of this great country.