Georgia Gun Owners Fight Back: Gun Group Releases Hard-Hitting Ads After Leftists File Bill To Repeal Stand-Your-Ground Law

Atlanta, GA — We reported last week that anti-gun leftists in Georgia — still flying high on momentum from winning both United States Senate seats in the runoff race in January — have filed a bill to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

Not content to let the fake news vilify gun owners and give Socialist Stacy Abrams more free press, one gun rights organization is fighting back.

Georgia Gun Owners is the states largest and most powerful gun rights organization. The group has mobilized their grassroots members to push back on gun control in the past with great success.

GGO knows that the one thing politicians can’t stand is heat from voters.

The left is very efficient at mobilizing their radicalized supporters — we watched them burn, loot and riot their way across America to get what they wanted all last summer.

But the right has historically gone too far the other way — they tolerate compromise and cowardice from their own side and are often unwilling to even call out the bad guys for BEING the bad guys!

But the folks at Georgia Gun Owners are more than willing to call out bad bills and bad legislators,no matter which ‘team’ they’re on!  And even better, they use cutting edge tech to help their members reach out to legislators by the tens of thousands so gun owners get to be heard loud and clear!

THAT is the kind of pressure that makes politicians act — and unlike the left’s tactics of pressuring legislators, doesn’t involve burning down homes and businesses or hurting anybody!

GGO Gets Going!

That’s why gun owners in Georgia weren’t surprised to see the gun rights group rolling out ads that shine a light on this nasty leftist ‘Stand Your Ground Repeal’ bill.

Check out this ad, here:

This ad has been shared thousands of times already, gathering tens of thousands of views in the state.

This sort of ad — and the signature petitions and emails that the group is facilitating — are flooding into the Capitol building in Atlanta.

No legislator can vote for this Stand Your Ground repeal bill and think that gun owners won’t notice.  HUGE pressure from gun owners makes them realize that they have something to lose if they vote for the radical left’s gun control: their seat in the legislature!

We love to see these tactics and this sort of messaging; we truly believe that this sort of approach is the future of the fight to keep and expand our gun rights!

What Can You Do Where You Are?

THIS is the sort of gun rights group that EVERY state needs. If there is a group in your state that fights tooth and nail and never compromises, JOIN UP!  If there isn’t, reach out to any state organization you know of and ask them how you can get one started in your state.

The left is working day and night to attack our gun rights.  They have tens of thousands of eager young activists who are being well paid by George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and other leftist billionaires to attack the rights that made this country great!

We don’t have any leftist billionaires, but we do have tens of millions of rock solid gun owners who love their country, love their gun rights, and love their freedom enough to STAND UP to these radical socialists.