Anti-Gun Legislators In Georgia On The Warpath: ‘Red-Flag Gun Confiscation’ Bill Filed By Radical Leftist Congressman

Atlanta, GA — We say it every week: the left never stops pushing and they never compromise.  While many pro-gun organizations are playing politics like it’s still 1992, the left is playing hardball and they’re playing for keeps.

America’s gun owners watched as Georgia’s two United States Senate seats went blue in the runoff race on January 5th — and watched the left crow over their victory.  Their excitement grew after Joe Biden was given Georgia’s 16 electoral votes in the Presidential election.

These two victories have apparently made the anti-gun left confident that they’ll be able to pass lots of new gun control laws during the 2021 session!

Earlier this week, Representative Matthew Wilson, a radical leftist Congressman from District 80, filed a Red Flag gun confiscation bill in the Georgia House.

Back in 2020, Wilson proudly bragged on his Facebook page about filing a Red Flag bill!

Thankfully, the Corona Scare ended the 2020 legislative session early, so Wilson’s bill never made it up for a vote.

But like all the committed radicals who hate everything America stands for, Wilson came back undeterred, filing House Bill 309 earlier this week.

Grassroots, Get On It!

Gun owners in Georgia — and all across America — have watched as spineless Republicans old out their constituents left and right in the last several months.

In fact, with the exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene, it seems to gun owners across the country that there’s a lot of dead weight in the Republican party of Georgia.

Many of these legislators are facing pressure to drift left and compromise with the anti-gun crowd — and some are such sellout cowards that they want to appear more moderate and left-leaning so they avoid taking any heat from the Democrats and not have to face a primary election!

But thankfully, there’s a grassroots army of gun owners in Georgia who aren’t going to sit back and let their elected politicians compromise their gun rights — not this time!

Georgia Gun Owners, the state’s largest and most powerful gun rights organization sent out an email to their members :

Introduced by Hate-America, ultra-liberal Representative Matthew Wilson (D-80), “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” laws are a total power grab designed to annihilate due process for gun owners.

Make no mistake about it, governor-wannabe Stacy Abrams and the Radical Left know they face a tough challenge if they want to cram their gun-control agenda through the Georgia General Assembly.

They KNOW that the tens of thousands of members and supporters of GGO are like an 800lb silverback gorilla, beating the ground smack dab in the middle of their path forward.

This organization has worked to shoot down bad gun bills for years.  We’ve watched them mobilize their members to pour tens of thousands of emails, calls, petitions and more into the Capitol in Atlanta in the past.

Any legislator — but especially any Republican — who thinks they’ll be able to vote for this Red Flag gun confiscation bill without every single gun owner in the state knowing about it is just dead wrong.

This is how the gun fight needs to look going forward!  Every gun owner involved and every limp-wristed ‘pro-gun’ legislator aware that he’ll lose his seat if he gives one inch to the anti-gun radical left!