Washington D.C. Bans Guns In Downtown Ahead Of Trump Rally This Week — A Page From Ralph Northam’s Handbook

With plans for what will likely be the largest rally in President Trump’s administration to be held in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, the city’s anti-gun leadership is taking a page out of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s handbook.  They have preemptively banned guns in the downtown area, even for those local residents with legal permits.

President Trump has called for supporters to gather in the capital to object to Congress’ acceptance of the Electoral College vote.  The crowd is anticipated to be in the hundreds of thousands of people.

Days ahead of the protest, signs have been posted in the downtown area.

In case it’s unclear, the sign says:


There are similar signs dotting the downtown landscape.  The sign goes on to say that the ban goes into effect today, January 4th and will remain in effect through Thursday, January 7th.

The Americans who will travel to support the President won’t be allowed to use their first and second amendments at the same time!

Current Laws Aren’t Great To Start With

Here’s what the section of the D.C. code cited on the signs actually says:

No person holding a license shall carry a pistol in the following locations or under the following circumstances

A gathering or special event open to the public; provided, that no licensee shall be criminally prosecuted unless:

(A) The organizer or the District has provided notice prohibiting the carrying of pistols in advance of the gathering or special event and by posted signage at the gathering or special event; or

(B) The licensee has been ordered by a law enforcement officer to leave the area of the gathering or special event and the licensee has not complied with the order;

In addition, D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser commented on the District ordinance: “District law prohibits anyone from carrying a firearm within 1,000 feet of any First Amendment activity.”

The law in D.C. currently states that nobody can concealed carry unless they have a valid D.C. concealed carry license.  The District doesn’t recognize any licenses from other jurisdictions or give any reciprocity.

Additionally, all federal property, including the National Mall and monuments, are already gun-free zones.  Finally, all open carry is prohibited in the District, even with a D.C. concealed-carry permit.

Now, even those few who live in D.C. and have concealed carry permits aren’t going to be allowed to bring their guns to the rally.

The Illusion Of Their Own Power

Just like Virginia’s tin-pot dictator Governor Ralph Northam banned guns in Richmond ahead of the Lobby Day rally last January, the cowardly tyrants in Washington D.C. want to ensure that they only face a disarmed crowd!

Why?  Because they’re terrified of armed Americans!

In response, the corrupt swamp monsters in Washington, D.C. have ensured that anybody who might bring their gun to the protest will be taking an enormous legal risk.

They know that gun-owning Americans are the only thing standing between them and a tyrannical takeover of our country — and they hate them for it!

If Joe Biden gets into the White House, these people will be working around the clock to disarm every single American because they are determined to crush the same freedoms that made America great!

It’s clear now that the far left wants to ruin our country like they have already ruined Europe. They pass little ordinances like this to flex and prop up the illusion of their own power.

But the real rock-solid muscle of American power — and the only thing stopped these tyrants — is millions of gun owners!