Violent Felon Who Was Released From Prison Three Days Earlier Attempts Home Invasion — Armed Homeowner Sends Him To The Morgue

Miami, OK — One Oklahoma homeowner will not be facing charges after fatally shooting a man attempting to break into his home in the early morning hours last Friday.

Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson told reporters that Roger Nelums, 30, of Miami was shot around 12:15 a.m. Friday.  Anderson also stated that Nelums had only been released from the Ottawa County jail on Tuesday.

Court records indicated that Nelums had been in jail stemming from charges of “knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property and false declaration of ownership in pawn.”

According to police, a homeowner in the 900 block of B Street Northwest called police at 12:16 a.m. The homeowner reportedly told police that a man had broken into his house and he had shot him.

Breaking Glass In The Early Morning Hours

Local news reports:

The caller told police he was in his living room when the man began banging on the back door. He said he armed himself with a shotgun after he heard someone climb through the window of a back bedroom, according to the statement.

He told police he fired once at the man, later identified as Nelums, after the intruder approached the resident, according to Anderson.

Miami Oklahoma PD gave their own summary of the incident with a little more detail about the breakin:

At approx. 0016 on 1-8-21 the resident at 906 B St NW heard someone banging on his back door. The resident was setting in his living room then heard commotion in a side room of his house. The resident stated he could hear someone climb thru the window of a back bedroom. The occupant stated he feared for his life and grabbed a shotgun to protect himself. The resident then stated a male subject came from his spare bedroom and approached him in his living room. The resident then fired one shot from his firearm and shot the male intruder.

The alleged intruder was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 1:00 am.

Nelums had a long history with the law in Ottawa county, including 12 warrants had been issued in the past.  Those warrants alleged child abuse, violating a protective order, domestic assault and battery, burglary of an automobile, larceny, drug violations, concealing stolen property and threatening acts of violence.

Armed And Dangerous Is Better Than Dead And Harmless

It goes without saying to our readers that this story could have ended up a ‘burglary turned homicide’ and nobody would have noticed or cared.

But this homeowner was smart enough to grab his shotgun — and had prepared himself to use it.

The elitist politicians and leftist billionaires don’t have to worry that some lunatic ex-con is going to crawl in their back bedroom window at 1:00 am.  They live in fancy mansions behind gated entrances with rent-a-cops sitting there all day.

That’s why they have no problem taking away OUR right to defend ourselves.  And that’s why we have to fight tooth and nail to keep our gun rights!