Joe Biden Pledges To “Defeat The NRA” And End “Epidemic Of Gun Violence”

Joe Biden is losing no time in renewing his promises to the radical left who voted for him.  In a statement issued by his campaign on January 8th, Joe Biden was calling attention to the ten year anniversary of the shooting that injured Gabby Giffords and killed six other people.

Biden praised Giffords for her anti-gun work since that time, and concluded his comments by saying,

“As President, I pledge to continue to work together with Congresswoman Giffords, and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country, to defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America

Biden has often boasted about the two times he ‘defeated’ the NRA in the past.  He campaigned — if you can call zooming with the media ‘campaigning’ — on his past victories over the NRA.

Back in October, Newsweek reported on Biden’s promises to ‘defeat’ the NRA.  They included a report from Biden’s campaign, which said:

Joe Biden has taken on the National Rifle Association (NRA) on the national stage and won—twice. In 1993, he shepherded through Congress the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which established the background check system that has since kept more than 3 million firearms out of dangerous hands.

In 1994, Biden—along with Senator Dianne Feinstein—secured the passage of 10-year bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. As president, Joe Biden will defeat the NRA again.

Out To Lunch

It’s very ironic of Biden’s staff to chose Gifford’s anniversary to boast about his victories against the NRA.  Gun owners will remember that 1993 ‘victory’ that Biden’s campaign was referring to was the passage of a law requiring background checks for all retail gun sales.

The madman who shot Gabby Giffords had passed the exact same background check when he purchased his handgun in Tucson, Arizona.

And thus the insane thinking of the anti-gun left is on full display.  The gun control that failed them is the same gun control they brag about passing.

‘Sleepy Joe’ No More

We’ve seen many writers talk about the questionable mental acuity of Joe Biden and we have commented on his innumerable gaffes in the past.   After all, he’s 78 years old, which means he’ll theoretically be 82 years old when he leaves the White House! That makes him by far the oldest person to ever have the job.

But the days of “Sleepy Joe” are long behind us — whether he’s the one calling the shots or not!

There is an army of anti-gun radicals lined up behind Joe Biden, just waiting for a chance to ram through all the gun control they can.

Terms like ‘Sleepy Joe’ make him seem harmless but he — and the people who influence him — are going to be in the White House in less than ten days.  And they are extremely dangerous to our gun rights.

Add your legislator’s numbers to your cell phone.  You’re going to be calling them a lot in the coming days.