Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground Law Under Attack As The Left Begins Their Assault On Georgia’s Gun Rights

The radical anti-gun crowd in Atlanta thinks their time has come. The results of the Presidential election in Georgia — not to mention the results of the two contested Senate runoff races — has convinced the Democrat legislators in Atlanta that now is the time to attack Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law.

Already last year, before the political winds had started to blow in their favor, Stacy Abrams and the radical left in Atlanta had filed a bill to repeal Georgia’s current law.

In January of last year, Representative Carl Gilliard filed a bill that wouldn’t have just watered down the Stand-Your-Ground law that Georgia’s legislature passed in 2006.

No, Gilliard was pushing for a full repeal of the law!   Back in June of 2020, Savannah media reported:

“When individuals lose their lives at the hands of civilians that become judge and jury, we must use the power of the pen to move Georgia forward,” said Gilliard, D-Garden City.

The Current Law Gives Gun Owners Legal Protection

Georgia’s current Stand-Your-Ground law provides protections for gun owners when they’re facing a violent attacker. Some of these include:

  1.  Protection from a requirement to retreat.  Since 2006, Georgians didn’t have to retreat a certain number of steps from a violent attacker before they could defend themselves.
  2. Protection in the form of civil immunity provisions.  These ensured that gun owners didn’t have to worry about  an entangling and expensive civil suit if they’ve been found innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.
  3. Protection if you have to pull your gun out but don’t end up using it.  For example, if a gun owners is forced to draw their gun to stop a violent assault but the sight of the gun makes the attacker reconsider his life choices — so the gun owner doesn’t end end up shooting him — then the gun owner can’t be charged with ‘brandishing a firearm’ or any other silly charges that a leftist prosecuting attorney might like to throw at them.

By repealing Stand-Your-Ground law, the left would make it “more risky” to carry a gun, because without those protections, even if you’re justified in using your gun to stop a violent attack, your life could still be ruined!

Abrams And Co. Hate Stand-Your-Ground Law

Now, in 2021, the Democrats have been declared the winners of both the Presidential election and both Senate races so they’re not going to waste any time!  The buzz around the Capitol in Atlanta is that Representative Gilliard is going to file that exact same bill again!

For Georgians, if you haven’t already found a state gun group that’s willing to fight like a dog to preserve your gun rights, the time is right now.  It’s not news to gun owners that the NRA isn’t going to be able to help them.  They’re up to their necks in their own problems!

We’ve been watching the folks at Georgia Gun Owners for a long time, and we know that they’ll bring the heat on legislators in Atlanta.  You see, while the leftist media, radicals like Stacy Abrams, Bloomberg’s out-
of-state lobbyists and even members of their own caucus might support gun control — Georgians don’t.

Georgia Gun Owners will help grassroots gun owners put immense pressure on their legislators, and right now, that’s their only hope!

If you happen to live in Georgia, sign the petition below to send your legislators a message: Don’t let Stacy Abrams and her radical friends TOUCH our Stand-Your-Ground law!