Cleveland Lyft Driver Fired After She Used Her Legally Owned and Licensed Gun During Attempted Carjacking

Photo Credit: Screenshot from ABC 19 News Report

Cleveland, OH — Many Americans have taken jobs with flexible hours during the Corona Scare with companies like DoorDash, Instacart, Lyft and more.

But for one Lyft driver in Cleveland, the extra cash wasn’t worth risking her life.  Cynthia Norman used her legally owned and licensed handgun to defend herself from two violent attackers that she transporting for Lyft.  Once the ridesharing company found out that she’d used her gun while on the clock, they promptly fired her.

ABC news has the details:

Cynthia Norman said she picked up a pair of young men — likely in their 20s — at an apartment complex in Cleveland’s Nottingham neighborhood around 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

As she arrived at the destination, the NEO Sports Plant, formerly known as the Euclid Sports Plant, she became concerned as it appeared the facility was closed.

That’s when the ride turned violent.

“I had to fight with these two men. I had one choking me from the back,” Norman told 19 News.

Norman said the other passenger, breaking Lyft’s COVID-19 protocol, insisted on sitting in the front seat.

She said he started punching her in the face as the man in the backseat choked her.

She was driving a rental car and refused to back down.

The two men were not expecting her to fight back.  Norman grabbed her handgun from the center console and started shooting at the two attackers. Police say she shot six times.

The two cowardly thugs dropped her cell phone they had stolen and ran off on foot.  Police are unsure if they were injured.

Norman was shook up, but did the smart thing: she drove straight to the 5th district police station to report the incident.

The two men have not been identified, as they provided the name “NBA” to Lyft when booking the ride and did not use a profile picture.

If caught, the two will face charges of attempted kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery charges. The driver isn’t facing any charges at all.

Insult To Injury

Lyft has a firm “no guns no matter what” policy, and promptly fired Ms. Norman.

Our “No Weapons” policy applies when you are doing business as a representative of Lyft, which includes times that you are driving for Lyft, as well as times that you are visiting a Lyft Hub.

This means that even in places where it is legal to carry a weapon, we ask that you do not carry a weapon on any Lyft property.

For Ms. Norman, while she’s sorry to lose her supplemental income, she’s happy to have gotten away with her life.  She commented on Lyft’s policy, saying, “What if you’re getting attacked? What are you supposed to do then?”

The Left Ignores Stories Like These

These are the exact situations that billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and his elitist friends ignore!  They claim to be advocates for the poor, for minorities, for women and more, but when a black woman uses a legally owned handgun to save her own life, all they hear is crickets.

This lady is a tough cookie and we hope the cops find the scum that tried to take her out!