BREAKING: Bill Filed In New York Would Make It A FELONY To Buy More Than 20 Rounds Of Ammo Every 120 Days!

The left never kills bad gun control bills that don’t pass into law, they just hang onto them for a later date — and they usually come back worse than before!

That’s the case with a bill recently filed in Andrew Cuomo’s New York.  Filed by Roxanne Persaud, Senate Bill S. 314 would make it a Class E felony to buy more than two times your gun’s magazine capacity every 120 days for all ‘assault weapons.’

Of course, New York’s ‘high capacity’ mag ban means that nobody owns a magazine with more than 10 rounds.

So for gun owners who own an ‘assault weapon’ from before the passage of the SAFE Act in 2013,  this new law would limit them to buying just 60 rounds A YEAR!

Talk About Out Of Touch

This bill is tyrannical by any possible measure, but it shows how completely out of touch Senator Persaud is with everyday New Yorkers — especially regarding the crime they’re facing in 2021!

After all,

A Perfect Storm

Persaud’s radical gun control bill would leave New Yorkers with their hands tied.  Responsible citizens would be unable to buy enough ammunition to train effectively or become proficient with the weapon they need to protect their families.

New York’s anti-gun leadership wants to see the law-abiding citizens disarmed while the criminals walk free!

This bill is bad news not only for gun owners in New York, but for gun owners nationwide.  It’s common knowledge that the far left passes their gun control in California and New York before they try to pass it nationwide.

Stay vigilant, and save your legislators’ numbers in your phone. They need to hear from each and every gun owner — and often!