The Real Blame For Georgia Lies Close To Home

Gun owners and millions of Americans woke up this morning — or stayed up late last night — to hear the results of the Georgia Senate runoff race.  It wasn’t good news.

And depending on the outcome today in Congress with the fight to certify the electors, Americans could be staring down the barrel of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sitting in the White House in just over two weeks.  It’s no stretch to say that those two would be the most anti-gun administration in America’s history.

They have promised to ram universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, a national Red Flag law, ammo background checks, and much, much more.

Who Is To Blame For Georgia?

There’s a lot to be said about the fraud that stinks to high heaven all around both the national election and apparently the runoff just last night.  Blame could be laid at Mitch McConnell’s feet for not rubber stamping the $2,000 checks that Biden was promising if Georgia’s Senate went blue.  Or you could blame Lin Wood and others for encouraging even a single Georgia voter to stay home, though it’s understandable why he’d point out that playing a rigged game isn’t really playing, after all.

It’s easy to blame the corruption of the DNC, the influence of billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who have funded all these far left campaigns and undermined the president and attacked gun rights for years.

But there’s also Kelly Loeffler’s weak support of President Trump, only agreeing to object to the Presidential election results as recently as two days ago.

The only thing worse than Loeffler’s halfhearted support of the President was David Purdue’s unwillingness to back Trump at all!  An establishment RINO to the bitter end, Purdue paid BIGLY last night.

They both learned the hard way: get on the Trump train early or get run over!

There’s plenty of blame to go around, but we don’t want gun owners to miss the biggest point of all.

Who Is Really To Blame?  The GOP!

While gun owners could rightly blame the corrupt, radical Democratic party, they should stop for a minute and review some recent history.

For the first two years of President Trump’s term, the GOP held all three branches of the government!  And what did we get for it?  What did our cowardly, spineless GOP establishment do to advance our gun rights?

Not. One. Single. Thing.

What did the NRA do for our gun rights while the GOP had all three branches?  They supported Red Flag laws and the bump stock ban!

Did the GOP use their two-year window to pass national reciprocity?  Did they pass the SHUSH act — the suppressor act?

How did they expand our gun rights or even just toss off old regulations?

And what was Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doing for those two years?  Feuding with Trump by refusing to carry forward a conservative agenda and get things DONE for gun owners!

We got absolutely nothing from our elected Republicans during the two years that they had the ability to push through any bills they wanted.

No More Establishment RINOS

Gun owners are still the most potent political fighting force in American politics, but we have to stop accepting these sellout losers who won’t do a thing for our gun rights!.

We need to stop accepting the word of establishment RINOS that they’re so awesome.  Gun owners must DEMAND that they deliver the goods!

We continue to lose.  And all that losing has got us where we are today: our freedoms and the freedoms of our grandchildren are hanging by a thread.

What gun owners do in the next two years will determine how much freedoms our kids have!

Gun owners have to stand together and FIGHT HARDER and with different tactics than they have in the past.