BETRAYAL: Huge Republican Lobby Group In South Carolina Working For Everytown and Other Bloomberg Front Groups!

With Joe Biden likely taking office in the White House in just over a month, anti-gun moderate Republicans are doing what they do best: selling out gun owners to curry favor with the radical left.  After all, with Biden in office, who will blame them for giving up the fight for gun owners — and compromising with the left to take away our gun rights?

That’s what’s happening in South Carolina, this week, as news broke that a powerful, well-connected Republican lobby organization is working for Bloomberg’s foremost gun control organizations.

An independent media outlet reports:

A Columbia, S.C.-based lobbying shop which employs a former advisor to three GOP presidents and a former “Republican” state representative is representing an über-liberal gun control group that is committed to eroding Second Amendment rights in the Palmetto State.

And yes, this disconnect hasn’t been lost on several members of the increasingly right-leaning S.C. General Assembly …

The Southern Group – which boasts corporate clients including Duke Energy and Verizon – currently lists a group called Everytown for Gun Safety in its book of business, according to the latest lobbying disclosures filed with the S.C. State Ethics Commission (SCSEC).

Sounds innocent enough, right? Indeed …

The original name of this organization is a bit more revealing, however: “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”

Regular readers of this news outlet will recall this group – founded by failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg – is the driving force behind attempts by politicians like liberal Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin to impose unconstitutional firearm restrictions on residents of the Palmetto State capital.

That’s upsetting.  Enraging, even! These people are swamp monsters of the worst kind. The article continues:

Given the “red storm” that swept across South Carolina in the November 2020 elections – boosting GOP majorities in both the S.C. House and the State Senate – our guess is there will be little legislative appetite to pass any new gun control laws.

If anything, we would think there would be appetite to expand gun rights.

Why, then, would The Southern Group – which needs to maintain good relationships with Republican lawmakers – sign on with such a left-leaning outfit?

Aside from Bloomberg’s money, obviously …

After all, the firm’s leader – DeWitt Zemp – has worked in the administrations of George H. W. Bush (as South Carolina regional political representative), George W. Bush (in multiple roles) and Donald Trump (as an advisor to the U.S. State Department).

Southern Strategy also employs Andy Patrick, a former Republican politician who served two terms in the S.C. House of Representatives prior to running unsuccessfully in GOP primaries for congress (in 2013) and superintendent of education (in 2014).

We wonder … is this another attempt by so-called “gun control” advocates to slip something seemingly innocuous through the state legislature under the guise of “Republican” support?

This is part of an ongoing history of betrayal from moderate republicans who are always looking to make a deal with the radical left.  Of course, the radical left is never looking to make a deal with gun owners to advance our freedoms and gun rights!

This case illustrates what this site has been saying all along: you can’t trust ‘pro-gun’ politicians, lobbyists, or anybody else to defend your gun rights.

The only thing that the anti-gun left fears or respects is power.  The power of tens of thousands of angry gun owners demanding their gun rights — and politically crushing any legislator who would try to go after them.