Armed Robber Dressed In USPS Uniform Fools 67-Year-Old Lady Into Opening Door, Robs Her At Gunpoint

New Orleans, LA  — Many Americans could complain that the United States Postal Service is so slow it should be a crime, but for one older New Orleans woman, joking about USPS and crime isn’t a joke!

New Orleans police are searching for three men who they say tricked an 67-year-old woman in the 6200 block of Bellaire Drive in the Lakeview neighborhood into opening her door to them.  Once the door was cracked, the men rushed in and robbed the woman.

The older woman’s daughter — who didn’t want to be identified — said that the man who knocked on the door was wearing a U.S. Postal Service uniform.  He was carrying a package when he approached the door.

Local news WWL-TV reports:

“He rang the doorbell, she said ‘can I help you?’ through the door,” the daughter told WWL-TV. “She would not open the door. He said I have a package and she said leave the package, I’ll get it later. He said I can’t leave it; you have to sign for it.”

The daughter said her mother cracked her front door open just wide enough to sign for the package.

That’s when the fake mailman and two other men forced their way into her home and demanded money and jewelry.

“They put a gun to her head and manhandled her,” the daughter said.

The robbery happened Wednesday, shortly after 1 p.m.

Lynette Mauterer lives around the corner on 26th Street.

“It’s really frightening because we’ve had an increase in crime with car break-ins and some carjackings and now to know someone is breaking into a home, it’s pretty frightening,” Mauterer said.

This is the kind of crime that could happen to anyone the Lakeview neighbor added.

“If somebody knocked at my door, I would probably do the same thing and think it’s a legitimate person trying to deliver a package,” Mauterer said.

The men got away with a substantial amount of jewelry, some cash and other items.

Check out the news station’s report:

Politicians Pretend These Sorts Of Things Aren’t Happening

Leftist politicians like to pretend that if you just avoid trouble, it’ll avoid you.  But this story is the perfect example of how violent criminals intentionally target the weak, the elderly, or the distracted.

Elitist politicians have NO IDEA what life is like for people who fall into those categories — and how much peace of mind a gun provides to people who have no one close by to rely on!   Think how different this story could have been if this older lady had a gun of her own close at hand?

Carry every day, and fight like hell for your gun rights!