Wyoming: Gun Rights Champion CRUSHES Leftist Gun-Grabber Opponent — No Thanks To RINOS And Moderates

Cheyenne, WY — When the average American gun owner thinks of Wyoming, they think of cowboys and open ranges — or even Netflix hero Walt Longmire.  But after today, they might think of gun rights champion, Senator Anthony Bouchard.

Bouchard has stood tall for Wyoming’s Second Amendment rights in every single fight, never once backing down in the face of moderates and sellouts who urged compromise.

He was instrumental in passing their Stand Your Ground law in 2018.  Even now, he’s fighting to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ and has always fought hard against the awful “Fix NICS” bills that would dramatically expand the size and scope of the current FBI NICS program.

Tonight, voters in Cheyenne reaffirmed their faith in Senator Bouchard and his staunch efforts to defend their gun rights — giving him another solid victory against his anti-gun opponent.

The Left’s Leading Lady

Bouchard’s opponent, Britney Wallesch, was the Democrats favorite — as evidenced by the outpouring of support and finances they sent her way.

Wallesch raised more money than any other state legislative candidate in Wyoming state history.  By the end of the campaign, she had raised over $72,000 from her leftist friends and supporters.

And what did they think they were buying?  An anti-gun activist, of course!  With a long history as a ‘community activist’, Wallesch supported all the worst gun control gun owners have come to expect from the left.

If Bloomberg wanted it, Wallesch wanted to deliver it for him.

But the worst part about this race was that moderate Republicans didn’t like how much heat Bouchard had brought down on them for not standing up for gun rights.

So rather than grow a spine like Senator Bouchard already has, sellout Republicans actually endorsed this insane leftist Democrat!

That’s right!  Senator Bouchard not only had to fight a candidate who was funded by Democrats and endorsed by all the anti-gun organizations, but even had to fight off Republicans stabbing him in the back.

That’s why the vote of confidence from Wyoming’s gun owners is even more appropriate.

Grassroots Gets It Done

Instrumental in Bouchard’s successful campaign was the work of grassroots gun group Wyoming Gun Owners — the largest and meanest gun group in the state.

Senator Bouchard and Wyoming Gun Owners have worked together for several years, accomplishing BIG things for gun owners in the Cowboy state.

Part of Wyoming Gun Owners efforts in the weeks leading up to the election included a hard hitting ad campaign including  radio, social media, digital and more.

Check out this slug fest of an ad:

This one ad got 18,000 views on Wyoming Gun Owners’ Facebook page alone!

The motivated and mobilized members of Wyoming Gun Owners made sure that Britney Wallesch’s radical views were front and center! She wouldn’t be able to hide her radical views until after the election!

Armed with the information provided in the ads –as well as emails to their members — Wyoming’s gun owners knew exactly what to do on election night.  And they did just that, giving Bouchard a landslide victory.

At the end of the night, Bouchard ended with 6,668 votes to Wallesch’s 3,700.

Gun owners in Senate District 6 can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that they’ve got four more years of Senator Anthony Bouchard going to war for their gun rights!