Lynchburg, Virginia Homeowner Shoots, Injures Two Men After They Broke Into His Home, Assaulted Him

Lynchburg, VA — Two men are in jail after a homeowner shot and injured the two after they allegedly broke into his home in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

The Lynchburg Police Department reports indicate that suspects James Franklin, 27, of Roanoke, and 26-year-old Alan Douglas Mould, of Lynchburg, have been arrested and charged with breaking and entering as well as assault and battery.

Lynchburg police reported that a 911 call came in at 1:40 am on Wednesday morning.  The caller reported that two men had broken into his home and assaulted him.

According to the caller, he was awoken by the sounds of the two men banging on his front door.  He opened it an inch, cautious about the men he didn’t recognized.

Once the door was cracked, the two thugs  assaulted the resident before forcing their way inside

But the man, who has not been identified, had come to the door prepared.  He fought back against the two invaders, and retreated into the room a few feet.  That’s when he drew his gun and shot the two men, according to police.

Both of the alleged attackers were treated for non-life threatening injuries and released to police custody.

Police have not released the name or age of the homeowner, or whether or not he was alone in his home at the time.  The incident is still under investigation.

Ralph Northam Is Dead Wrong

This story illustrates exactly how wrong Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and his gun control pals are about the Second Amendment.

The police could not have been there in five seconds — which is approximately how long it took this homeowner to pull his handgun and save his own life.

But Ralph Northam and his Bloomberg-funded Democrat majority think that civilians don’t need to have guns for self-defense.

They have piled up one gun control law after another — making it more difficult than ever for law-abiding Virginians to defend themselves from violent criminals!

This story puts all their anti-gun, leftist propaganda to shame.  This homeowner is alive and well tonight, and those thugs won’t be able to terrorize him — or anybody else — ever again.