Police Arrest 15-Year Old Hispanic Boy As Chief Suspect In Mall Shooting That Injured Eight People — Shooting Was Seemingly Gang Related

Photo Credit: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wauwatosa, WI — Police have reportedly arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with a mall shooting on Friday that sent eight people to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police Chief Barry Weber said the young man was taken into custody on Saturday night.  Chief Weber also reported that the shooting was the result of an “altercation between two groups of people” at the mall.

“We do know there was some sort of altercation, and that’s when the bullets started flying,” Weber said during a Sunday press conference.

“There were several members of those groups that were injured during this altercation,” Wauwatosa Police Public Information Officer Abby Pavlik said of the two groups involved in the altercation.

Neither the Chief nor the Public Information Officer disclosed whether their comments were code for ‘gang-related’ or not.

The Milwaukee Journey reported initially that the suspect had been described as a “white man in his 20s or 30s.”

But later, surveillance footage confirmed that the shooter was a 15-year-old Hispanic boy. His firearm was recovered during the arrest.

Police reported that the young man was able to escape from the mall by blending in with fleeing mall patrons.  Using the mall’s surveillance footage, police were able to identify him in the fleeing crowd and later identified him.

This is the third shooting at the Mayfair mall so far this year.

You Can’t Fix Stupid

The Mayor of Wauwatosa, Dennis McBride, commented on the shooting, but made the laughable choice to blame guns for the incident — the very last place that blame could reasonably be placed!

“Guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather. Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy.  If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday.”

What an idea! If only criminals would stop breaking the law!  Imagine!  There would be NO crime!

How about the fifteen other laws this punk kid already broke before he ever pulled the trigger?

Some people are just plain stupid.  But in the case of this Mayor, it seems more like stupidity, coupled with leftist ideas that has left his city facing their third shooting in 11 months at this mall.

Let’s Ignore The Obvious

It wasn’t lost on a single gun owner that this story didn’t become a national headline for  weeks on end.  Whenever there’s a “mass shooting” in the media, they’ll for sure capitalize on it to beat the gun control drums.

Unless, of course, the shooting doesn’t fit their narrative.  Then it gets memory-holed faster than Hunter Biden’s laptop!

On top of the obvious media manipulation of the story, it bears pointing out that Wauwatosa’s Mayor McBride doesn’t want anyone to point out the obvious.

Let’s ignore that the ‘vibrancy’ brought by this Hispanic boy to a Wisconsin town was only vibrant if you like the color “blood-red.” And we’ll further pretend that a child in one “group” shooting ‘other groups’ isn’t a classic marker of gang violence.

Mayor McBride wants to skim past the culture clash going on in his city and pretend that a lack of gun control is the problem.  He also wants to ignore that gun control was the very thing that left every law-abiding citizen in that mall a sitting duck.

It’s laughable.  And nobody is buying it, anymore.