Mexicans Want Guns To Fight Back Against Violent Cartels But –SURPRISE — They’re Facing Resistance From Their Government

irCitizen militia vigilantes detained three teenagers after they stole a car from a journalist in this 2014 photo. They were allegedly working for the Templar cartel as “punteros”, or watchers, and had set fire to two trucks on the road to Antunez.

Mexico —  It turns out that it’s a lot harder to get your gun rights back once you’ve given them up to your government.  After all, when you ask for them back, they know you can’t do anything if they say no!

That’s what the citizens of Mexico are learning after living for years with both some of the worst gun control on the planet and some of the most violent crime cartels in the world.

Gun Rights Save Lives

Check out the Fox News report on the problem:

As violent crime surges across the nation of 126 million, activists are raising the question: Is it time to loosen firearms restrictions so ordinary people can better protect themselves and their families?

“Let’s fight to regain our peace of mind. Today Mexico needs you,” the Official Mexican Association of Firearms Users A.C. said on Facebook. “We must ensure the existence of our rights and a good future for our children.”

The group has garnered more than 200,000 followers since it started its social media campaign in 2011, routinely posting updates on security and related policy issues in Mexico, but has yet to win over lawmakers despite the rise in crime.

For crime victims like Julian LeBaron, the right to self-defense has become a top issue. LeBaron, a Mexican-American, is part of an offshoot Mormon community that lost several family members last November in a cartel ambush. In a tragic case of mistaken identity, gunmen killed 14 women and children.

“We come from a long tradition from the U.S., where we believe our human rights don’t come from the government but come from the right to life, liberty and personal property. Once people claim to represent you, they claim powers to do things that you are forbidden to do,” he told Fox News. “Every person should have the means to defend themselves, especially if authorities don’t have the power to stop the crimes – especially organized crime. It becomes a vicious cycle.”

Despite Mexico’s constitutional mandate, citizens are only allowed one handgun and up to nine long arms – all priced well above U.S. market value – provided they can show proof of belonging to a hunting or shooting club.

In addition to that, there is only one single legal gun store in all of Mexico, and permits to purchase are on a ‘need to know’ basis.  That is, you ‘need to know’ the right person or you don’t get one.

Even with all the gun control that the radical left wants in America, Mexico’s murder rate is astronomically higher than in the United States!

Let this story be a lesson to America’s gun owners: NEVER give up your guns if your ancestors needed them to secure your right to have them in the first place!