Iowa’s Gun Owners Send Another Leftist PACKING — Pelosi’s Foot Soldier Abby Finkenauer Loses BIGLY On Election Night

Original Photo by Julie Fleming. Edited by S.A.D.

Des Moines, IA —  Iowa’s voters have sent an anti-gun leftist home from Congress after her radical agenda was brought out of the darkness and exposed by Iowa’s largest pro-gun organization, Iowa Gun Owners.

Abby Finkenauer came into election night as a two-year congresswoman from District 1, representing Northeast Iowa.  During her two year stint in office, Finkenauer supported every leftist idea she could find when she went to Washington D.C.

She happily joined in Nancy Pelosi’s war on gun owners, voting for HR. 8 — the bill gun owners will remember would end private sales of guns, ban handgun sales to adults under 21 years old, allow for unlimited transfer fees, and criminalize handing a firearm to another person while shooting outside a designated range.

Finkenauer was for a national Red Flag law, backed a ban on the AR-15, and even  mental health checks for gun owners.

In. Sane.

Still, many gun owners in District 1 weren’t paying attention to this rookie legislator.

Unnoticed, Finkenauer was polling very well in the months leading up to the election because the radical left was backing her 100%.  She had the endorsement of Everytown for Gun Safety, and any other anti-gun organization out there.

Enough Is Enough

But then Iowa Gun Owners went on the warpath and dropped the political hammer on Finkenauer.   In the last few weeks before the election, the organization dropped digital, social media, and radio ads into District 1, telling Iowa’s gun owners exactly what Finkenauer and her leftist pals planned to do to them.

Check out their hard-hitting piece here:


Iowa Gun Owners’ ads, paid for by the donations of their grassroots members from all across Iowa, sealed the deal.

And it’s worth noting that Finkenauer lost her race tonight by a very narrow margin.  The final tally for Finkenauer came to 200,814 votes, with 48.7%.  Meanwhile, her Republican opponent, Ashley Hinson, gathered just 211, 573 for a total of 51.3% — a narrow win, for sure.

The message to Iowa’s political class is crystal clear: when gun owners are informed and active, they WILL stop these radical leftists in their tracks.