Iowa’s Gun Owners REJECT Anti-Gun Theresa Greenfield Senate Bid In Most Heated Race Of 2020

Gun owners delivered a crushing blow to the anti-gun agenda in Iowa, tonight!  Theresa Greenfield –the darling of the left — lost her race to represent Iowa as a United States Senator.

At the end of the night, Greenfield brought in a total of 748,552 votes to Republican Joni Ernst’s.  Ernst’s total represented 51.7% to Theresa Greenfield’s 45.3%.

A radical leftist, Theresa Greenfield was anti-gun to the core. She supported the entire Bloomberg gun control agenda: red flags, Assault Weapons Ban, Universal Background checks, you name it.  But tonight, Iowa’s voters tossed Greenfield and her radical anti-gun agenda to the curb!

That victory was due in large part to the efforts of Iowa’s largest and meanest grassroots gun rights group, Iowa Gun Owners.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Iowa Gun Owners pounded on Theresa Greenfield in radio, television, and social media ads that highlighted her terrible position on guns.

Check out this ad, which ran in hundreds of slots across the state:

This one ad, alone, got more than 74,000 views on Facebook!

Fighting The Leftist Machine

Iowa Gun Owners were desperately needed, as Greenfield received  the endorsement of every anti-gun organization and politician Iowans could think of.

President Obama endorsed her. Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed her. Gabby Giffords’s organization endorsed her.  Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klubuchar, and more!

All of the ‘who’s who’ of the left all came out to campaign for her and sway voters in her direction.

A Leftist War Chest

But more than endorsements, she had these rich leftists filling her campaign’s war chest.  In fact, Greenfield’s  campaign for Senate raised over $40 million dollars — the most of any Senate race in Iowa’s history.  In fact, only one other Senate race in the country had a bigger price tag this election cycle!

For weeks leading up to the election, Greenfield was leading in the polls against her opponent Joni Ernst.

Everything was falling into place for Iowa’s gun owners to have a radical leftist representing them in the Senate.

She Couldn’t Take The Beating From Gun Owners

But the relentless ads from Iowa Gun Owners did their work.  Once Iowa’s voters realized what Greenfield planned to do to their gun rights, her political days were numbered!

This was a major victory for Iowa’s gun owners, and for Iowa Gun Owners as an organization.  They flexed their muscles and showed, once again, that a lean, mean grassroots organization can get. the. job. DONE!