Glass Tabletops: Study Reveals That Glass Tabletops Kill TWICE As Many Children As Guns — But The Hypocritical Left Isn’t Campaigning Against Them

In July of this year, a paper was published in the published in the American Journal of Surgery titled: Glass table injuries: A silent public health problem. 
Since the paper was published in 2020, there were dozens of other stories that got more attention.  Most American parents — and gun owners — didn’t hear about the article.
But the paper contained information important to both parents and gun owners, namely:  the relative threat that glass-topped tables pose to their children.  For gun owners, it will be interesting to see how those numbers compared to accidental gun deaths in children.

The Data On Table Tops — As Interesting As It Sounds

The paper detailed an examination of “how many accidents involving glass tables occurred in the United States, how severe the injuries from such accidents were, and the distribution of injuries by age.”

Startlingly, these glass-topped tables were projected to cause about 400 fatalities a year. reported:

Bonne’s group found more than 3,200 U.S. cases of glass table-related injuries requiring trauma center care occurring between 2009 and 2015. The data was collected from the 96 sample hospitals included in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database. More than half of the injuries were traced to faulty glass tables, the researchers noted.

Multiplying that by the almost 5,000 emergency care centers nationwide, Bonne’s team estimated there are about 13,800 U.S. cases of severe injury tied to glass tables each year.

The team also looked more closely at the 24 cases that their Level 1 trauma center treated between 2001 and 2016. In this smaller grouping, the investigators found that half of their patients experienced injuries to their deep organs, upper torso, abdomen or joint cavities and required surgery. About 8% died within a month of injury. Most of the injuries were suffered by children younger than age 7 or adults in their early 20s.

The author of the paper, Stephanie Bonne,supplied more information from the article:

Similarly, if severe injury numbers are extrapolated, there are an estimated 2.6 severe injuries per hospital in the United States, annually. This is a total of 13,802 severe injuries in the United States, annually. This is actually slightly less than the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s estimate of 20,700 annual injuries (9). However, either number is extremely high. If our case fatality rate of 8% is applied to this number, we can estimate about 400 deaths annually in the United States occur annually due to individuals sustaining severe injuries from faulty glass tables.

Did you know this? We’d wager that most of our readers are both parents and gun owners and had never given their glass table-top a second thought.

And there hasn’t exactly been a public health campaign to ban these ‘dangerous’ tables, of course.

Where Are The Shrieking Leftists?

The left has turned ‘gun violence’ into an “epidemic” or a “public health crisis” or any other number of fear-mongering terms.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to be elected as a pro-gun Democrat, since the radical anti-gun lobby has driven the party so far to the left on gun control!

Ammoland’s Dean Weingarten extrapolated the data as it compared to accidental gun deaths involving children:

The study has a bar chart showing the distribution of cases by age. From the chart, it was simple to obtain good distribution numbers.

42% of the accidents were for children. 13.9% were for children under the age of five.  The projection, from the study, is for 400 fatalities from glass table accidents per year.

That translates to 168 children aged 0-17 who die in fatal accidents involving glass table tops per year. 55 of those children are projected to be under the age of five. The study numbers were done from 2009 to 2015.

During that period, there was an average of 86 children who died in accidents involving firearms per year (601 for 7 years). There was an average of 24.4 children who died each year, on average, under the age of five (178 for 7 years) in accidents involving firearms.

According to the projections in the study, children are about twice as likely to die from an accident involving a glass tabletop, as they are to die from an accident involving a firearm each year.

For children under the age of five, they are slightly more than twice as likely to die in an accident involving a glass tabletop as they are to die from an accident involving a firearm, in a given year.

It’s About Control, Not Children’s’ Safety

Where a the Mad Commie Mommies, shrieking and howling and demanding the law be changed?!

Where is David Hogg shoving his ugly mug in front of any camera he can find, demanding that children be protected?

Has Bloomberg donated $60 million dollars to flipping state legislatures to get a majority of “anti-glass tabletop” legislators elected?

Of course not.  Because they don’t really care about kids.   This is the radical left party that wants to abort as many kids as they can, after all!

No, it’s not about safety or saving lives or children’s innocence or anything like that.

It’s about control.  It’s about disarming the only group of people that can stop the socialist, America-hating left: gun owners.