GUN RIGHTS VICTORY: Georgia’s Anti-Gun House Minority Leader Heads To The Political Graveyard — Gun Owners Send Him PACKING On Election Night

Atlanta, GA — Georgia’s gun owners knew that Democrat House Minority Leader Bob Trammell was bad for their Second Amendment rights — after all, he worked to strip their gun rights away at every turn!  Tonight, those gun owners told Trammell exactly what they thought of him, in return.

Thanks in part to the work of the state’s biggest and nastiest grassroots gun rights organization, Georgia Gun Owners, Trammell lost his reelection bid in a surprise upset tonight.

His opponent, Republican David Jenkins is projected to win with 93% of districts reporting.

A Gun Owners Nightmare

Democrat Bob Trammell was elected to the 132nd House District in 2014, and began serving as the House Minority Leader in 2017 when he replaced another radical leftist, Stacy Abrams.

While in that office, Trammell advanced every anti-gun, leftist idea that came across his desk.  He even led the fight to repeal Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law!

That’s why the biggest pro-gun organization in the state came in slugging, running digital, radio and social media ads into Trammell’s west-central Georgia district.

They pounded on anti-gun record of the incumbent Democrat in the weeks leading up to the election.

Check out one of the cutthroat ads that Georgia Gun Owners ran in Trammell’s district:

This one ad got thousands of views in west-central Georgia, as thousands of gun owners realized that the fastest way to defend their gun rights would be to kick the Democrat House Minority Leader to the curb!

After all, what better way to defend fight for their gun rights than by cutting off the political head of the anti-gun snake?

And that’s exactly what happened in tonight’s glorious victory for gun owners!

Radical leftist Trammell ran into the buzz saw that was the motivated and informed members of Georgia Gun Owners and learned what many more politicians will learn tonight and in the future: the era of stomping on gun owners is OVER!