Embarrassing: LAPD Brags About Removing “Ghost Guns” From The Streets — But They Weren’t Even Guns!

Los Angeles, CA — With Gavin Newsom at the helm, it’s hard to expect anything better out of California.  But still, gun owners were roasting the Los Angeles Police Department for tweeting a hearty congratulations to two officers for getting two ‘ghost guns’ off the streets.

Check out the LAPD’s post:

Gun owners didn’t waste any time before pointing out that those two ‘ghost guns’ weren’t even guns at all, but just the polymer frames!

Some of the comments were gold:

Ghost guns are so dangerous they can fire without a trigger or a barrel!

This sort of anti-gun propaganda only works if the person viewing it doesn’t know better.  Thankfully, plenty of well-informed gun owners were quick to point out the virtue signaling of the LAPD.

This level of mis-information is why so many leftists are gullible enough to believe whatever the media tells them about guns and gun owners.  It needs to be called out every single time!