12-Year-Old Boy Shot Multiple Times While Buying School Supplies: Nobody Is Safe In Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Chicago, IL —  Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants more gun control and she doesn’t want to talk about how the gun control already on the books in Chicago has been a complete and utter failure.

Sadly, another day in Lightfoot’s Chicago means another headline about criminals ignoring gun control laws.  This time, the victim was a boy waiting in the car while his dad picked up an order of school supplies.

12-year old Lamar Davis was riding along with his dad on Wednesday night in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood.  Davis had recently moved back to Chicago and in with his father and needed new school supplies.

Young Davis was sitting in the car when a burgundy SUV pulled up and someone inside it opened fire with a .45 caliber handgun.

He was struck in the back, lower backside, hip and leg, and was taken to Stroger Hospital.  He is expected to make a full recovery.  He is currently listed in ‘fair condition.’  His father was not injured.

His mother heard about the shooting and described her horror at hearing about her son.  “He was just sitting there in the car and someone shot him,” she said. “Kids can’t go outside, they can’t do anything.”

Police have no suspects but are reviewing surveillance footage from the area to see if they can identify anyone.

The Nightmare That Is Chicago….Coming To A Town Near You!

With the media’s crowning of Joe Biden as the president-elect, it’s worth considering what gun control Biden and Harris would like to pass at a national level.

Unsurprisingly, Biden and Harris want all the same gun control that Chicago already has!  Gun owners can bet their lives that national gun control will work just as well at ‘lowering’ crime nationally as it has in Chicago!