WATCH: “Peaceful” Rioters Cause Thousands Of Dollars Of Damage In L.A., Police Can’t Stop Them

Los Angeles, CA — Rioters took to the streets of L.A. on Tuesday, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of minutes.  The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that they “did their very best” to get the violence under control, but of course, any interaction that ends with a rioter being hurt would only escalate the violence and destruction.

The LAPD called the violence in the downtown area a “spasm of violence” and tried to downplay it.  “Our people did their very best to quell the violence, and will strive to arrest those responsible for the vandalism and destruction,” officials wrote.

Check out what downtown LA looks like on a Tuesday night in October:

That wasn’t the only incident:

Then, if anybody needed more proof that these radical leftists are mentally unwell, around 10:00 on Tuesday night, a man with a skateboard screamed at police to “Kill me! Do it!!”  He apparently wanted to attempt a ‘suicide by cop’ but changed his mind when officers got out of their SUV.

Another day in the left’s America!  Carry every day and avoid these protests like the plague.