Texas Man Grabs Gun From Two Thugs Robbing Him, Shoots And Kills One, Injures Another

Houston, TX — Some people ought to know better.  Two teenage thugs decided to rob a Houston man at gunpoint.  But that’s a bad idea in Texas, as they soon found out.  Their intended victim send one of them to the morgue and the other to the hospital.

Police reported that a north Houston man was in a crowded strip mall parking lot in the 5200 block of Aldine Mail Route at I-69.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that the unidentified man was simply getting in his truck to leave the mall when two teenagers approached him.  One of them had a gun and was pointing it at the man.  The two thugs demanded his money and his keys.

“He’s reporting that these two suspects attempted to rob him, to take his vehicle,” said Sgt. Jason Brown with the HCSO Homicide Division.

The man wasn’t looking to be shot and killed by two thugs, so he did what most Texans would do: leaped into action and grabbed the gun and shot the attackers with their own weapon.

Sgt. Brown confirms: “He was able to take one of the pistols from the suspect and (shot) both of those suspects.”   The officer confirmed that one of the young men was hit in the head and the chest.  He was pronounced dead soon after at Kingwood Hospital.

The second thug was hit but was able to flee the scene into an apartment building just across the street.  When he was located, he was also transferred to Kingwood Hospital.  His condition is unknown.

Detectives said the man who shot the teens is “cooperating and giving a statement.” They expect the case to be referred directly to a grand jury.  No charges are expected at this time.

That’s How Texas Deals With Armed Robbers

…the only way the story could have had a better ending was if the Texan had pulled out his own concealed carry weapon!   After all, a mall parking lot in the middle of the day on a work day isn’t when most people think of an armed robbery happening — and that’s exactly why gun owners should carry anywhere and everywhere they can.

Our politicians like to pretend that this stuff isn’t happening  — that guns aren’t saving lives every single day in America.  But they’re out to lunch — and it’s time for gun owners to send them a major wake up call!