Gun Rush 2020: Americans Have Bought 17 MILLION Guns In Ten Months

Weapons for sale at Mad River Armory and Range in Springfield, OH.  Jason Reynolds / WYSO

The Gun Rush of 2020 will be one for the record books as the number of new guns purchased — and new gun owners — has reached all time highs.

Americans have purchased nearly 17 million guns in the first ten months of 2020.  That is more than any other single year since the FBI began keeping data on gun sales..

The Gun Rush began in January, when Ralph Northam overplayed his hand in Virginia and showed Americans exactly what the left wants to do to gun rights nationwide: destroy them.

In response, gun sales were up everywhere, not just in Virginia.

Then as the Corona Scare grew in the media, fears of social unrest grew in the spring.  Gun sales in March and April were higher than every other year in the same period.

As the summer gave way, Americans watched as criminals rioted, looted and burned in dozens of cities across the country.

Most importantly, law-abiding citizens watched as the police were effectively hamstrung by pandering politicians who would not allow the police to put an end to the mayhem on America’s streets.

Seeing Through The Lies

The left had cried for years that citizens didn’t need guns — they should just call the cops!

But 2020 showed the Average American that the left doesn’t want the cops to come, either.  They essentially just wanted the American population to be defenseless in the face of their rioting shock troops, Antifa, and rioting mobs of disgruntled leftists.

Jurgen Brauer, the chief economist at Small Arms Analytics, commented on the numbers his organization had reported:

“By August, we had exceeded last year’s total. By September, we exceeded the highest total ever. The estimated number of guns sold in the US through the end of September 2020 is not only more than last year, it’s more than any full year in the last 20 years we have records for.”

The next highest year on record was in 2016, when Americans bought 16.6 million guns while Hillary Clinton was running for president against Donald Trump.

Of course, there are still two months left of 2020 — including the likely fallout after the election.

In anticipation of unrest, Walmart announced yesterday that they were removing all guns and ammunition on display in their stores this week.   Walmart cited the “current unrest” and said that their action was a “precaution” against theft if stores are robbed.

Who Knows What Lies Ahead?

2020 has been a roller coaster, but if one good thing that’s come of it is that millions of Americans have woken up to the fact that the government cannot — and in many cases will not — be responsible for the safety of the average citizen.

Buy a gun, learn to use it, carry it everywhere you can.