WATCH: Protestor In Portland Hurls Molotov Cocktail At Police — West Coast Rioters Angry About Breonna Taylor

Photo Credit: Ruptly

Portland, OR — Two places could not be more dissimilar than Louisville, Kentucky and Portland, Oregon, but for Black Lives Matter protestors, that doesn’t matter.  Protests and riots broke out — or continued — on Wednesday after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced there would be no charges related to the death of Breonna Taylor.

A local station reported:

What started as a peaceful demonstration, where a few hundred protesters reflected on Taylor’s death and urged everyone to vote, quickly turned chaotic around 10 pm when the Portland Police Bureau declared a riot. Police said protesters were throwing rocks at the bureau’s Central Precinct, endangering officers inside. Around 10:30 pm, a protester set fire to the plywood that boarded up the building’s windows. (The fire quickly went out on its own.)

What ensued was a familiar sight to a city that has protested racial injustice and police brutality for over 100 days: Police officers clad in riot gear and wielding batons rushed through downtown streets, arresting those who disobeyed orders to disperse. Officers and protesters clashed for hours in smoke and fire.

Check out their peaceful demonstration!


The leftist media outlet went on:

That battalion of officers chased the protester who threw the petrol bomb, and others, through the streets of downtown Portland.

The lobbing of the Molotov cocktail marked an escalation in clashes between police and protesters. Protesters threw petrol bombs toward police lines earlier this month, but Wednesday marked the first time such a weapon landed amid officers.

These are the times we live in!  What kind of decent American would want to go into the police force right now?  None!  This sort of behavior is how you get the good cops to hang up their badge and go home.

Your streets won’t be safer, and the ratio of good cops to bad will just get even smaller as more and more good cops take an early retirement or juts quit being a cop altogether.

Can anybody imagine a scenario where gun owners are tired of their rights being trampled so they set the police precinct building on fire and toss a few Molotov cocktails at the cops?

This is too much.