Trump: A Biden-Harris Victory Would Be The End Of The Second Amendment

At a campaign event in Jupiter, Florida yesterday, President Trump warned that a Biden victory could spell the end of the Second Amendment.

In comments to the crowd, Trump said, “If Joe Biden gets in your Second Amendment is gone.” He also made the statement that the Second Amendment will either be “obliterated to the point to the point of being gone” or will truly be “gone itself.”

Essentially, according to the President, a Biden presidency would mean “You will not have a Second Amendment.”

In contrast, Trump promised the crowd that another Trump administration would see the opposite.  “Your Second Amendment will remain powerful, will remain strong, will remain with you.”

This message is resonating more than ever, as 2020 has been a record year for gun sales.  And it’s not just the same group of gun guys buying backups.  More than 5 million Americans have purchased a gun for the very first time in 2020.

As the left threatens to abolish police departments at worst or cripple them at worst, more Americans than ever are seeing the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

Trump Isn’t A 2A Hero, But He’d Buy Us Time

Meanwhile, it would be remiss of us not to point out that Donald Trump hasn’t done much for gun owners.   From his bump stock ban to ‘seize them now, work it out the legalities later’ and more, the President has not been  the Second Amendment champion he could have been.

But four more years of a Trump presidency wouldn’t see anything like the annihilation that a Biden administration would unleash on our gun rights.

If nothing else, four more years of a Trump presidency would buy gun owners some precious time.

2020 has woken millions of Americans up to just how dangerous the leftist worldview is to everything we hold dear.  Our gun rights, our kids’ minds, our right to travel freely, our right to assemble freely, our right to free speech –uncensored by Big Tech– and many more areas are finally talking points on the national stage.

Time To Get Rid of Dead Weight, Politically

The wool is being pulled off the eyes of millions of Americans in another area: sellout Republicans, moderate Republicans, cowardly Republicans are all worthless in the fight we’re in.

The era of gentlemen politicians who get along with everybody are over.

America needs fighters.  Four years of Trump may not deliver the 2A victories at the Federal Level that gun owners are right to expect, but it gives them time to clean house — especially of dead weight Republicans — in a major way at a state and local level.

And 2020 has made it abundantly clear that the state and local level fights are just as important as who holds the oval office.

Just look at Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and California and contrast them to South Dakota, and others.