Police Arrest Girlfriend Of The Man Who Shot 5-Year Old Cannon Hinnant In The Head

Photo: WSOC TV

Wilson, NC — Police have arrested a second person in connection with the execution-style murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnent.  The young boy was allegedly shot in the head on August 9th by a neighbor Darius Sessoms.

According to police reports, 25-year-old Sessoms walked out of his house, “walked up to Cannon while the boy was playing outside with his siblings and shot him in the head.”  He shot and killed the young boy in front of “Cannon’s 7-year-old and 8-year-old siblings.”  He then ran back to his own house, according to a neighbor lady who witnessed the events.

Cannon’s father, Austin Hinnent reported seeing his son lying on the ground.  “The first thing that went through my mind was maybe he just fell off his bike,” Austin said after he heard gunshots. “The closer I got to him, the more I realized it was something far more serious.”

“I screamed, ‘Somebody, please help me save my son! Help me save my son, please,'” he told WRAL. “[You] can’t imagine what it’s like to hold your son in your arms with a gunshot wound to the head, and his blood is running down your arms.”

Another Arrest

Police arrested Sessoms the next day and he is being held without bond.  But police reported on Wednesday that they’ve arrested another person in connection to the murder.  This time it was Sessom’s 21-year-old girlfriend, Aolani Takemi Pettit.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday and charged with “felony accessory after the fact.”  According to The Blaze  Pettit “allegedly helped Sessoms flee from police before he was taken into custody the day after the shooting.”  She’s being held on a $250,000 bond.

Throw Away The Key For Both Of Them

What kind of a woman could help hide a man who had just murdered an innocent child in cold blood?  The kind who would date a monster who would execute a child.

Meanwhile, Cannon Hinnent’s family is left to pick up the pieces.  Cannon’s mother, Bonny Waddell, has said that they’re going to push forward for the maximum sentence.  “I want the death penalty and I’m gonna seek it.  My baby didn’t deserve this. He had the biggest smile, the biggest eyes.”

The family has received nearly $700,000 in a GoFundMe set up in memory of their little boy.  The family is  reportedly considering building a neighborhood park with bicycling trails — one of Cannon’s favorite activities.

America Is Being Torn Apart

Law abiding Americans have had enough of being lectured by celebrities, Big Tech, and the various front groups for leftist billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

When an innocent young boy like this isn’t on the front of every newspaper for a month but a man who robbed a pregnant woman by holding a gun to her belly gets wall-to-wall media coverage for months on end….something is terribly wrong.

No more lectures from leftists.  No more race-baiting.  No more stealing decades of work from small business owners by destroying their property in the name of some invented  ‘justice.’  No more dead cops.