BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died At 87, Leaving President Trump To Nominate Her Replacement

Breaking news tonight as the family of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has announced that the Supreme Court Justice passed away today. Ginsburg was 87 years old.  She had been in poor health for some time, eventually succumbing to metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The death of Ginsburg comes as the race for the White House grows tighter by the minute.  Ginsburg’s death means that President Trump will have the opportunity to nominate her replacement.

Gun owners may recall that a Supreme Court Justice is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.  That means it is possible that Trump could push his nomination through a Republican-controlled Senate before the election.

Considering the President had previously announced that he’s already made a list of potential nominees, that could well be on the horizon.  For the left, this loss makes the stakes in November even higher.

No Friend To Gun Owners

Ginsburg was a committed leftist and vocal in her opposition to gun rights — and to every other American value one can think of.

Nominated to the bench by Bill Clinton in 1993, Ginsburg was on the anti-gun side of every single vote that came before the Supreme Court.

In District of Columbia v. Heller in June of 2008, Ginsburg argued that the right to own guns is a collective right — for the military — not an individual right.

In that case, Ginsburg made this infamous statement:

Historically, the new government had no money to pay for an army, so they relied on the state militias. And the states required men to have certain weapons and they specified in the law what weapons these people had to keep in their home so that when they were called to do service as militiamen, they would have them. That was the entire purpose of the Second Amendment.

Again in U.S. v. Lopez  in 1995, Ginsburg argued that Congress has the right to ban firearms in schools at a federal level, across the entire country.  This move would take away the state’s right to decide whether or not to arm teachers, etc.

Pressure Is Building

2020 has been an exceptional year from the start and the death of Justice Ginsburg is just going to amplify the national attention and pressure that’s building in the lead-up to the election in November.