Breaking: Protestors Tried To Break Into Emergency Room Where Ambushed Police Officers Were Being Treated

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles County Sheriff Office

Anybody who still thinks that the actions of a violent mob are founded in reason or some higher motive should read this story.

The nation was rocked this morning when news broke of two Los Angeles cops who were ambushed around 7:00 pm on Saturday night at a metro station in Compton.

Initial reports say the suspect was walking past their car when he pulled out a gun and shot the two deputies multiple times while they were sitting in their parked patrol car.

The two deputies have both undergone surgeries and are listed in critical condition.

The Los Angeles Police Department have said that the deputies were a man, 24, and a woman, 31, who is the mother of a 6-year-old boy.  The two had been with the force for about 14 months.

The suspect is still at large.

They Won’t Stop Because Nobody Will Stop Them

As though this ‘open season’ on law enforcement weren’t bad enough, eyewitnesses reported seeing even worse behavior.

While the two officers were being treated at a nearby Emergency Room, angry protestors were trying to break into the hospital:

And lest anybody think the priest is lying, it’s obvious that the mob gathered outside the hospital wasn’t there to offer hopes and prayers.  In this video below, you can hear a BLM protestor saying, “To the family of these f****** pigs, I hope they f****** die.”

THESE people are standing up to injustice?  These people are trying to right the wrongs of Western civilization — many that date from before their lifetimes?

Give us a break.  These are violent, irrational, destructive, entitled brats.  We don’t care what color they are: they’re terrible human beings.

Like all brats who were hugged instead of spanked, they’re going to keep breaking and destroying things until the grown ups finally put them in a time out and tell them they’ve cross the line.