BOMBSHELL: Kenosha Sheriff Reports Over Half Of Rioters Arrested Weren’t Locals — Bus Load Of Seattle-Based Rioters Arrested While Filling Gas Cans En Route To Kenosha

Photo Courtesy of Josh Glancy: The Times

Kenosha, WI — The nation is divided over the actions of Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse.  The side of law and order sees Kyle as a hero who defended private property at the request of the owner.  But the left is shrieking that Kyle was a trouble maker, intent on seeking out protestors to kill them.

Key in their argument is that Kyle didn’t live in Kenosha but had traveled from Antioch, IL — a distance of about 20 miles by car, 15 miles as the crow flies.

But the County Sheriff of Kenosha had some bombshell news.  Local news WISN reported:

The Kenosha County Sheriff says 205 people have been arrested since protests began last week.

The suspects have not been identified, but Sheriff David Beth said they were from 44 different cities.

“There were 40 law enforcement agencies from throughout the state here,” he said. “I don’t know the exact states that people came from.”

Beth said 114 suspects were from outside of Kenosha.

Those 40 different law enforcement agencies were there to pick up arrested rioters who lived in their jurisdiction, if that’s not immediately clear form the wording.

The rioters were arrested for various charges including weapons charges, violating the city’s curfew, and burglary.   The Sheriff continued:

“I know some were arrested for burglary, some were for weapons complaints,” Beth said. “We had some people who were felons who were carrying guns.”

Police said they seized more than 20 guns.

“Those would be processed evidence,” Beth said. “I don’t have those. I don’t know what kind of weapons they were.”

Beth said some suspects were arrested for making death threats.

“I don’t know how we found out about that group of three that was coming down from northern Wisconsin, I don’t know how we found out about that one,” he said. “I want the people of Kenosha to know there’s a huge amount of resources here to protect you.”

Let’s Ask The Locals

The vast majority of locals — Kenosha is a smaller city, with only 100,00 residents — blame out of town rioters for the destruction of their city.

Reporter Josh Glancy spoke with dozens of locals who repeated the same refrain: these people aren’t from here — and don’t belong here!

Not Enough Damage In Portland And Seattle?

This ties in with a story that broke last Friday when a bus load of Antifa and BLM was stopped and nine people were arrested after filling up portable gas cans.

Police reported that a concerned citizen had called 911 after seeing ‘suspicious-looking’ out of state vehicles headed to Kenosha in the height of the rioting.

When police arrived at the gas station, they witnessed a bus, a bread truck, and a minivan with out-of-state plates.  They saw the passengers of the vehicles filling up portable gasoline cans.

When they announced themselves and detained several of the group, the minivan pulled away and tried to drive off.

Of course, the leftists behind Riot Kitchen claimed that they were the innocent victims of thug police who arrested them for no reason.  Check out their post:

To back up the mobile rioters’ story, police reported that the van contained hundreds of pounds of tofu and spiraled zucchini noodles.

Oh, wait…that’s not right!  The minivan actually contained helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks and suspected controlled substances! Because we all bring those things when we go to volunteer at the soup kitchen, right?

A Fight To The Death Over The Second Amendment

The Left has worked for years to make it illegal for millions of Americans to own and carry guns to defend themselves.  Then, when a brave American uses a gun to defend himself against a violent mob, the left screeches that he’s a violent murderer, who crossed state lines to kill people.

Never mind the hypocrisy of the left on the issue of state lines!  When discussing America’s southern border, the left screams that borders are ‘just imaginary lines on paper and shouldn’t prohibit the free movement of people’ …but now Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer for driving 20 miles!

No, the left is shorting out.  Their ideas have been thrust into the spotlight so fast that millions of Americans who might have considered a Democrat ticket are rethinking things.

THIS is NOT the time to get comfortable.  Lots of people are buying guns and waking up to the left, but we still have a massive fight ahead of us.

Even with a second term from President Trump, America is facing an uncertain future — be it in 2020, or in 2024.  Silence is not an option anymore.  Cowardice and compromise from our ‘pro-gun’ legislators isn’t an option, either.