Black-Owned Security Company Quit Their First Night Guarding Seattle Park — Antifa Drove Them Out

One of many police officers keeping people out of Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park during a homeless encampment cleanup on Tuesday. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

Seattle, WA — Antifa doesn’t support black owned businesses unless they’re willing to join them.  That’s the message in Seattle after a minority-owned private security firm was hired to keep Antifa from congregating in a city park.

Police reported that the Cal Anderson park is adjascent to what was the embarrassment known as the CHAZ/CHOP zone.  Since the police cleared out the squatters in the makeshift city, many of the ‘residents’ squatted in the Cal Anderson park instead.  On Tuesday, September 1st, Seattle Police cleared out the park and hired Jaguar Security to make sure that the squatters didn’t return.

During the cleanup of the camp in the park, police found weapons in many of the tents.  These included spike strips, an un-exploded mortar, knives, and hatchets.

But according to an employee at Jaguar security — who didn’t want to give his name, but was a black man — things didn’t go well.  In fact, the security crew walked off the job on the very first night before getting into a violent altercation with the mob of Antifa thugs.

Check out his account:

Reached by phone, a man who identified himself as the owner of Jaguar Security but declined to provide his name said he was contacted by the city several days ago about providing security at Cal Anderson Park. He said he has done security work for the city in the past at Magnuson Park and city reservoirs, but would not discuss details of his contract with the city.

The man said he and two other armed guards went into the park Tuesday night. A group, which included people with “poles and sticks,” quickly approached, questioned why they were there, shouted obscenities and shone a light toward them that prevented them from seeing the group, he said. Worrying for the guards’ safety, he said they called 911 and walked out of the park to the sidewalk.

“We didn’t issue any directive. We didn’t tell anyone to leave the park. We didn’t get the chance to,” he said…

At Cal Anderson, the city’s instructions to Jaguar Security “were to just tell people we can’t have you in the park,” said the man who identified himself as the owner. The guards, who were each over 56 years old, carried guns but did not pull them on the group, he said. “We didn’t go out there with young muscle-headed guys ready to fight,” he said.

He does not plan to return to the park. “They cost a minority-owned company a contract,” said the man, who is Black. “They cost people their jobs.”

Videos back up that the Antifa terrorists were being their charming selves:

See that?  Three guys against 40 to 50 Antifa thugs and they’re still being aggressive to the massively outnumbered, older men.


But once the security team decided that getting beaten to death by leftists wasn’t worth a contract, the mob still had their blood up.  They proceeded to take a great deal of trash and throw it over the fence surrounding the local police precinct.  After that, they threw “some sort of molotov cocktail” over the fence.

Meanwhile, the former Sheriff Carmen Best submitted her resignation.  Her last day was four days ago.

The left eats its own — which is proof positive that the topics they screech about are just a cover for destroying America.  If they were about racial justice, they wouldn’t have hounded these security guards out of the park.

Additionally, if they really believed that nobody should have guns, they would condemn the violent protestors who have cost more than 30 lives.

The left wants to destroy America.  Period.