Wyoming Gun Owners Tell Sellout RINOS To ‘Get Outta Town’ — A New Era In Gun Politics To Meet The Radical Left HEAD ON

Cheyenne, WY — Another day, another anti-gun politician driven out of office by grassroots gun owners!  That’s the story out of Wyoming, where Tuesday’s primary elections boiled down to a heated contest between the status quo establishment sellouts and 2A diehards.

The biggest trophy bagged on Tuesday night’s RINO hunt was Senator Mike Von Flatern.  This guy was everything a gun owner doesn’t need in a Republican.  A lifelong Democrat who switched parties to get elected, he just couldn’t wash the anti-gun stink off well enough to fool gun owners anymore.

Even in Wyoming, it’s very common to have anti-gun Republicans who masquerade as ‘pro-gun’ every two years to fool their constituents, and that was Von Flatern.

Von Flatern had voted against Constitutional Carry in 2011, against Stand Your Ground law in 2018, against repealing gun free zones, against Campus Carry, and more.

And this year, in 2020, Von Flatern was the SPONSOR for Diane Feinstein’s “Fix NICS” bill — a bill that would dramatically expand who gets rejected by the NICS background check system when they try to buy a gun!

Gun Owners Were FED UP

But on Tuesday night, Campbell County voters told Von Flatern to ‘get lost’ in a race that was nothing short of a blowout.  Von Flatern didn’t just lose….he lost BIGLY to his  pro-gun opponent, Troy McKeown.  McKeown took home a generous 64% of the votes.

This was a political bloodbath for Von Flatern and a loud warning to any other RINO politicians who thought that they could lie to gun owners to get through one more election cycle.

Gun Owners: The Deciding Factor

The biggest impact on Von Flatern’s campaign loss — without a doubt — was the involvement of the state’s largest and meanest pro-gun organization, Wyoming Gun Owners.

A grassroots group made and funded entirely by donations from gun owners in the state of Wyoming, this powerhouse went to town against Von Flatern.

They hit him with digital ads targeted into his district on Facebook, radio ads on all the major stations, television ads, direct mail into his district and more.

Check out this hard-hitting ad that the group ran against the RINO sellout:

The establishment Republicans didn’t like what WYGO and it’s members were uncovering about their little club of ‘good old boy’ Republicans.  But instead of coming clean, they viciously attacked the organization.

In the weeks leading up to the primary, anti-gun leftist billionaires, the Senate Vice President, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, former Governor Mead and even the current governor all attacked the members and leadership of Wyoming Gun Owners.

But they weren’t attacking WYGO for being WRONG about Von Flattern — no, they were mad that they weren’t playing NICE like gun groups are ‘supposed’ to!

Sorry We’re Not Sorry

Second Amendment Daily reached out to WYGO’s policy director, Aaron Dorr, to talk about the incredible success the organization had in the primary on Tuesday.  By the end of the night, four separate politicians — including Mike Von Flatern — were kicked out of office and replaced with Second Amendment stalwarts with the help of Wyoming Gun Owners!

We asked Dorr about the allegation that WYGO uses ‘aggressive tactics’ in their efforts to expose anti-gun legislators.  Dorr responded saying,

“Wyoming Gun Owners uses the most aggressive tactics that we possibly can.  Any organization that fights for gun rights had better realize that we’re in a war for the future of our freedoms and for our civilization.  WYGO makes no apologies for fighting like hell for our freedoms and we never will.”

We’re Heading Right, Thanks To The Left

The left has played rough and dirty for a long time.  They take no prisoners and are out to destroy the lives and livelihoods of their enemies.  They don’t tolerate moderates in their ranks — but are constantly pushing hard left.

Meanwhile, the pro-gun crowd is still playing politics like it’s 1992.  “Play nice, shake hands at the end of the game, and we’ll see you at the next fundraising dinner!”

But the left has raised the stakes — and because of that, gun politics are changing rapidly.  Gun owners are TIRED of losing and are angry that their gun groups aren’t doing the job they’ve paid them to do!  But Wyoming Gun Owners’ members and supporters — backed up by the tactics of the Dorr brothers — are the future of gun politics.

Here’s a message to gun groups across the country: If you don’t like to get down in the mud, stay out of politics.  If you don’t like to hit HARD or aren’t out for political blood, then Second Amendment politics isn’t your game.