WATCH: Trump Supporter In “Portland Prayer” Hat Shot And Killed While The Mob Cheers — Nearly 100 Days Of Rioting In Portland

Screenshot: Twitter

Portland, OR — The left has answered Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions in Kenosha, WI by murdering a Trump supporter.  Multiple people were video streaming the events as they unfolded.

In the videos, cars are driving through the intersection when somebody pulled a gun and shot at a man standing on the sidewalk.  Viewers can watch the innocent man stumble and fall to the ground.


Just a few seconds prior to the gunshot, a voice can be heard saying, “Hey!  We got one right here! We got a Trumper right here.”

This is when the murderers laid eyes on their target — and their own words testify that the man was chosen at random.

After the man fell to the ground, the mob of angry leftists wasn’t sobered by their actions.  They didn’t lament what their blood lust had lead them to do.  Instead, they crowed about killing “a Nazi.”

Meanwhile, not moments before, another man had been chased off by the mob after trying to stop them from looting and destroying a gas station.  That man, too, had been labeled a “Nazi” for trying to convince the mob not to destroy a gas station.

After almost 100 days of rioting in his city, Mayor Ted Wheeler still isn’t putting down the mobs that have created mayhem — and now cost a life.

President Trump himself tweeted to point out how useless a Mayor like Wheeler is in the face of violence and destruction.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, a driving caravan of pro-Trump conservatives headed into downtown Portland.  Of course, like reasonable leftists, the antifa thugs and BLM looters were anything but peaceful or calm.

No, they did what the leftists in power need them to do: acted like Marx’s “revolutionary underclass” who are essential to toppling a country before Marxism can be instituted.

Loving this leftism, yet?

The Right Of Self-Defense Matters More Than Ever

Our gun rights have been under attack for years, and for much of that time, the media and the left mocked anybody who cared about the Second Amendment for being paranoid.  “Nobody is coming for your guns!” they’d jeer.

But we didn’t believe them then, and they’re not even pretending anymore.  Our gun rights make America’s citizens the last line of defense against a Marxist takeover.

Fight like hell for your gun rights — before they’re hunting gun owners in EVERY city like they were in Portland last night.