WATCH: Portland Protestors Brutally Beat Driver After Crashing His Car — Update: Suspect Identified and Driver Released From Hospital

Portland, OR — Portland saw it’s 80th straight day of rioting on Saturday — but this time the rioting mob reached a new low.  With their blood lust up, the mob made an innocent motorist crash his car, and then pulled him from the vehicle — just to beat him and leave him unconscious on the road.

Portland police reported reports of protestors chasing a truck in the downtown area, not far from the federal courthouse.  It was around 10:30 at night, but there was a large crowd in that area because Portland’s leftist leadership supports the BLM’s leftist cause.

After being terrorized by the mob that was chasing and striking his car, the driver eventually crashed.

When the man got out of his pickup truck and sat down beside it — apparently in shock — the howling mob saw their opportunity.

Check out this footage below:

The man seems to be in physical shock as he sat on the ground being assaulted by the inhumane, murderous protestors.  They repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head until he was bloody and unconscious.

It’s unclear what caused the mob to get angry at the driver.  Initial eyewitnesses told the police that the driver had been helping a transgender female who had an item of hers stolen.  Helping this person is allegedly what prompted his being dragged out of the car and beaten by nine or 10 people.

Sounds legitimate.  You see Second Amendment rallies end like that all the time, right?

Cops Hindered By Protestors

Police were called to the scene right away, but reported that they couldn’t respond efficiently or effectively because their actions were “complicated by a hostile group.”

The unidentified victim was transported by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries.

Details Emerge And The Picture Grows Clearer

UPDATE:  Arrest made in the beating of Portland motorist.  On Tuesday afternoon, Portland police announced a suspect in the beating of a motorist on Saturday night.

The Portland Police Bureau stated that a 25-year-old man, Marquiese “Keese” Love, had been identified in the video as one of the men kicking the driver in the head while he lay on the ground.

They urged the public not to contact Love, as he may be dangerous.  Love is employed as an ‘armed security guard’ at the Portland International Airport. He also has previously been charged with domestic assault in 2017.

Another one of those ‘peaceful protestors’ of course!

Driver Identified, Released From Hospital To Recover At Home

Contrary to internet rumors of his death, the driver of the pickup has been released from the hospital.  Identified by his family as Adam Haner, the driver is at home, where he will continue to recover.

Haner’s family posted this photo of him yesterday:

Adam Haner resting at home in an undated photograph published on Aug. 17, 2020 (The Epoch Times)

Since the story broke on Monday, new footage has surfaced of what happened BEFORE motorist Adam Haner drove away from the violent mob and crashed his 4×4 pickup truck.

Meanwhile, The New York Post reported:

Drew Hernandez, a YouTuber who filmed the episode, said the man — identified by family as Adam Haner — was defending a transgender woman being beaten and robbed by protesters Sunday before the group went after him.

“They were physically assaulting her like crazy so when they were doing that … he actually started defending her and then they shifted their attention on him.”

The Left Eats Its Own

We’ve no illusions that Adam Haner is a Second Amendment champion. Heck, he’s out there at that time of night helping a transgender woman!  This guy could easily have been one of the protestors!

But the Leftist mob isn’t rational or logical.  There’s no REAL justification for what they’re doing out there every night.  They’re simply the shock troops of the left — meant to destabilize and terrorize American citizens.

Maybe if we pass their legislation, they won’t burn our city down?  Maybe if we elect their candidate they won’t topple our system of government?  Maybe if we pass gun control, they won’t murder us all.

Who knows?  With erratic, violent, mentally unstable people like these BLM rioters, it’s impossible to make predictions.

What we can say for certain?  Carry every single day, and avoid these cities at all costs.