Police Investigating Viral Photos, Video Of BLM Supporters Threatening Cars With Guns In Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN — The left is hypocritical.  Guns are bad because only violent, angry racist white men want them — everybody else wants to live in a world of rainbows and butterflies and hugs.

Until it comes time to implement leftist ideas.  Then it’s totally fine for all of them to have guns and to use them — that’s their right, they’re quick to remind us.  To which we reply: ‘You’re welcome.’

But police have gotten involved after the following pictures and videos emerged from yet another ‘peaceful’ protest — this one in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Check out this one minute video:


The protest was allegedly over the police shootings of two local residents, Dreasjon Reed and McHale Rose.

According to local news and police reports, an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shot Reed after he led police on a high-speed chase. Police say Reed fired on officers before being shot.

Of course, Reed’s family says that never happened, and he wasn’t causing any trouble and was a good boy. They didn’t mention that just last year, the same police department arrested Reed on felony intimidation and drug charges. They also omitted that Reed had an outstanding warrant at the time of the shooting.

Black Lives Matter’s second martyr in Indianapolis, McHale Rose was shot and killed by police officers after they responded to a ‘burglary in progress’ call. The 911 call came from McHale Rose’s phone. When police arrived, he shot at them with a rifle. The officers returned fire and hit Rose, who died of his injury. The later investigation indicated that Rose had planned the ambush on officers, using the 911 call to lure them to his location.

Any Excuse To Skip Work

So you can see why BLM protestors in Indianapolis are angry with police.  Well, maybe you can’t, but regardless, they were using these two dead criminals as a flimsy excuse to riot and protest.  Some people will do anything to get out of their shift.

The now-viral video footage shows a blue GMC pickup truck approach the protesters who were blocking the road. The GMC came to a stop in front of the protestors. Two masked demonstrators approach the truck with handguns drawn. The truck backed up and tried to flee the scene as protestors chased the driver.

Pretty straightforward, we would think.

But then the local BLM chapter, Indy10, said that those two men were their “security team.” They claimed they had armed security in case someone tried to hit protestors. No mention that the truck was stopped when the two men drew their pistols.

BLM’s Security Team Needs Training

The group also claims that the men never pointed their guns at anyone or threatened anybody.

“Our security was ready, with their guns low on the ground, but did not point it directly at anyone,” the group said in a Facebook post. “We don’t want to risk our people or protesters getting hurt or killed during one of our demonstrations.”

The group went on to complain that some American’s didn’t like their ‘hired security team’ pretending to be engaged in ‘self-defense’ when they were the ones breaking the law by blocking the lawful highway.

But that anger is racist, according to the group, and proof of a racist double standard. Nevermind that both men that brandished the firearms appeared white in the video.

“It’s always a double standard,” the group whined. “White racist are killing and hitting protesters and then get mad when (we) defend ourselves.”

Of course, for all we know, the driver of the GMC is black or a tiny teenage girl or a 90-year-old lady. And we certainly have no proof they are racist.

Mind Reading Through Tinted Windows

A spokesperson for the group admitted to AmmoLand that they do not know if the driver was racist or not, they stated that other racists in the past have hit people with cars. Never mind that the truck was completely stopped when the men confronted the driver in ‘self defense.’

A spokesperson for the group said one of the men — known by his formidable street name of ‘Icon’ — drew his weapon because he was afraid for his life.  Why was he so afraid?  Because the driver revved their engine and had tinted windows.

When pushed for an explanation of why the group would run after the truck if they were afraid for their lives, the Indy10 spokesperson didn’t answer and stopped responding to all questions.

Indianapolis Police have not filed charges.

The Rainbows And Unicorns Can Only Come AFTER They Topple America

For members of all of these radical leftist groups — Everytown For Gun Safety, Black Lives Matter, Commie Mommies Demand Action, the various Climate Change organizations, etc. — they’re just following the Marxist playbook.

1.  Disarm the citizens so they can’t stop you.  2.  Topple the existing form of government and replace it with Socialism and then Communism.  3.  Anybody who needs to be ‘eliminated’ in that process is who Mussolini was referring to when he repeated the old saying, “You can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.”

For these radical leftists, you and your family and all of America are the eggs and they’re busy cracking.  That’s why gun owners nationwide are standing up for their gun rights.  Because it’s now or never.