Minneapolis Smoke Shop Owner Shoots Attempted Burglar — Crime Continues To Rise

Minneapolis, MN — A man intent on robbing a USA Smoke Shop in Minneapolis learned his lesson the hard way this week.

Police reported that Fouad Elharfaoui, the owner of USA Smoke Shop, said that just before closing, two men tried to rob his store.

“Two guys walked in with a gun and tried to rob [my employee], but he has a concealed weapon and he pulled it out and tried to defend himself,” Elharfaoui said. “The guys took off, he chased them.”

The employee fired his gun at the robbers’ car as they drove away, hitting the alleged robber in the passenger seat.

Just moments later, the wounded man was dropped off by his friends in the parking lot of the Super USA Convenience store at 38th Street and Minnehaha Avenue — barely over a mile from the smoke shop. The injured man staggered into the store, already nearly unconscious.

Mohammed Kassab was behind the counter at the convenience store.

“We called the police for him to get help, you know. He’s bleeding. It’s very crazy, scary, you know?” Kassab said.



Police told Kassab that the man was likely bleeding because he’d been shot and that he matched the description of a suspect in a robbery a few minutes earlier. Instead of being a poor wounded victim, the bleeding man on the floor was a violent thug.

Police arrived and transported the injured man to the hospital.  There’s no word on his condition.

Elharfaoui feels his employee did the right thing. The robbers only got away with some cigarette cartons. Of course, legally, shooting a fleeing robber is a bad idea, and it remains to be seen what the Minneapolis Police Department will do.

No doubt they’ll charge the employee who overreacted in defending himself and give the violent criminal a medal. Maybe they’ll rename a street in Minneapolis after him!  He’s a hero of the left!

Leftist Ideas Come At A Price: Civilization

The media likes to make mountains out of molehills and ignore the elephant in the room.  The fact is that ‘gun violence’ is not the problem in Minneapolis any more than ‘looting violence’ is the problem.

And contrary to the media’s spin, the police aren’t the problem, either.  No cop forced that man to rob a smoke shop.

Instead, leftists have given the mob a green light.  Since the death of George Floyd on May 25th, violent crime is up 95% over last year as of July 31st.

“Crime is out of control,” said Rich Walker Sr., director of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.

“Criminals feel like they can do whatever they want to do. They know the police department is at a vulnerable state right now with staffing levels and with morale,” Walker Sr. said.

Where To Now?

And whose fault is that?  The leftists who vote in Minneapolis.

But gun owners shouldn’t forget that Minnesota has a Republican-controlled Senate.  Senator Paul Gazelka and others in the Republican party have brought this chaos on themselves.  By capitulating, by playing nice, by making friends in St. Paul, they turned their own party in a party of nice guys.

No threat to any leftist, they’re essentially ignore while the left runs roughshod over their party, their state, and their gun rights.

If you sow the seeds of cowardice and retreat, you’ll reap the whirlwind,