BREAKING: Standoff Situation In Texas After Suspect Shoots Three Police Officers — Suspect Barricaded In Home

Cedar Park, TX — Police have reported a suspect shot and injured three police officers before barricading himself in his home in the Horizon Park neighborhood of Cedar Park.

The department’s Twitter account initially said the officers had responded to a call at the home off Natalie Cove, about 25 miles north of Austin.

Police haven’t reported on a motive, but eyewitnesses reported hearing 20 shots ring out around 4:00 this afternoon.  When the report of three officers shot went out, the police presence magnified, and the City of Cedar Park’s twitter page announced a ‘shelter in place’ for the entire neighborhood until the situation is resolved.

Police are on the scene in Cedar Park, TX.

Meanwhile, the Police Department reports that  the three officers are expected to survive their injuries.

Additionally, local media reports that a SWAT team is on site and helicopters are in the air on the scene.


What Happens When There Are No Cops To Call?

For folks who don’t live in Texas, Cedar Park is a suburb of the capital in Austin.  The average houshold income in Cedar Park is nearly $100,000 — well above the national average.

Earlier this summer, Austin was the scene of a shooting between an armed protestor, Garret Foster, and an Uber driver who feared for his life.  The man was attempting to drive his car down a street that was swarming with protestors — including Foster, who pointed his gun at the driver.  After the shooting, Austin’s liberal mayor said the problem wasn’t the rioting protestors but “too many guns.”

In addition to that, Austin’s liberal mayor has allowed Black Lives Matter and their assorted discontents to riot and march in downtown Austin every day for over 80 days, even after the deadly shooting.

But still Austin’s leftists insist that they don’t need cops and that the police should be defunded.

The man who is currently barricaded in his home might just need to have a social worker come out and chat with him and all these cops can just go home!

But America’s gun owners know that’s a joke.  The left wants to trash the Second Amendment — not because it’s dangerous to have guns, but because they don’t like that their ideas can be stopped by people with guns.