Armed Residents, Local Police In Colorado Run ANTIFA Out Of Town After They Show Up At Pro-Police Rally

Berthoud, CO — The residents of Berthoud had seen what radicals from Antifa and Black Lives Matter brought to town, so when the radicals showed their faces at a Pro-Police rally on Sunday, Berthoud residents didn’t wait for the destruction to start.

Instead, they grabbed their guns and told the out-of-town leftists where to go: anywhere but Berthoud.

Keep moving! Get outta here!” came cries from the locals.  “And pick up your trash!

Check out this camera footage:


This is exactly the average-Joe American gun owner we all know and love: standing for the rights of the citizens in the face of an angry, destructive mob.


Reports from locals indicated that the Antifa and BLM crowd were mostly comprised of out-of-town residents who had come into town just to counter protest the local’s show of support for police.

Berthoud, Colorado is a town of only 8,000 people, and sits in a rural area between Denver and Ft. Collins.  Needless to say, a small town like this one doesn’t have any homegrown antifa-terrorists, so Antifa had to drive in their troops to disrupt the locals’ efforts to support their local police.

As we’ve seen before, the police willingly stood between the angry locals and the taunting Antifa terrorists, proving the ‘defund the police’ crowd wrong once again.

As the night went on, no windows were broken or properties burnt to the ground.  If Antifa wants to take this to small town America, they’re not going to like what they find.