Alleged Rapist Was Released Because Of Covid 19, MURDERS His Accuser In Ralph Northam’s Virginia

Alexandria, VA — Ralph Northam should be ashamed of himself.  Thanks to his laughable handling of both the Corona Scare AND gun control, a young woman is dead.

Police have reported that Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, was released from prison on April 9th — during the ‘height’ of the Corona scare.  Bouaichi had been charged with rape, strangulation and abduction.  He was in jail without bond, waiting for trial.

Police records indicated that Karla Dominguez, 25, had called police after Bouaichi violently attacked her in her apartment last October.   The Alexandria District Court believed her at the preliminary hearing and ordered him held without bond in Alexandria.

But like so many other criminals — and their conscienceless lawyers — Ibrahim Bouaichi’s legal team had petitioned the court for his release because he was in danger of catching the Corona Virus. They argued that he should be freed until his trial date — after all, he hadn’t been convicted of anything, yet!
That’s how, despite the objections of the prosecutor, Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi on $25,000 bond on April 9th.  The judge stipulated that Bouaichi was only allowed to leave his home in Maryland to meet with his lawyers or with pretrial services officials.  Because violent criminals always follow the law.

Blood On Their Hands

But on July 29th, Bouaichi, 33, drove himself back to Alexandria, VA.  He went to the apartment where the rape had occurred and waited until Dominguez came outside.  Once she appeared, Bouaichi shot and killed Dominguez, leaving her body on the ground outside her apartment.

Bouaichi fled the scene, forcing police to make a video warning people to be on their guard against him, saying he was “armed and dangerous.”

It wasn’t until this past Wednesday morning that federal marshals and Alexandria police spotted Bouaichi driving in Prince George’s County.  They gave chase, eventually causing Bouaichi to crash his car.  When police approached his vehicle, they found that Bouaichi had shot himself in the head.

He is alive, but is in grave condition as of Thursday, August 6th.

Two Bad Policies: One Dead Woman

It’s the most insane thing we’ve ever heard: let’s release thousands of violent criminals onto the streets right when we try to implement dozens of new rules and regulations for society.

These criminals couldn’t follow the OLD rules, like “Don’t kill people” and “Don’t rape people.”  How on earth do they think they’re going to follow 1,500 NEW rules?!

But leftist government officials are convinced that the poor criminals just needed to be shown more hugs and love and be given a 97th chance.  And they definitely need FEWER cops on the streets because cops are big mean racists.

Added that stupidity is the fact that this is all happening in Ralph Northam’s new, gun-controlled Virginia.  Criminals know that Virginia gun owners are under attack and that fewer people are going to be carrying guns as a result.

The blood of this young woman is on the anti-gun, pro-criminal Left.